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Windows on Line - The weekly magazine about windows. Issue 50.
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Windows on Line – The weekly magazine about windows. Issue 50.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Windows Online
the Weekly
Box 1614
Danville, CA 94526-6614
(510) 736-8343 Modem
(510) 736-4376 Voice/Fax


Windows Online the Weekly is distributed in two formats.
Windows HELP (.HLP) file format


ASCII (.ASC), LINE DRAWING characters. included. The .ASC
file is for our subscribing sister bbs's who, display our
magazine on-line every week for THEIR callers.

To view the HELP file, simply unzip it into your Windows
directory and double click on the file name WOLWxx.HLP.

If it is not automatically loaded into the WinHelp program
then you will need to attach the extension (.HLP) to that
program. You do that by locating the [extensions] section
of your WIN.INI file and add the following line to it:


After you add the above line, exit and restart Windows.

Once you make that association you should not have to do it
again. You can now read all .HLP (HELP) files by simply
clicking on them with your mouse.

Another way to view our HELP file is to simple "RUN" the
program WINHELP.EXE and load our file into it.

To view the .ASC file (for those who do not have Windows)
you must use a DOS or Windows editor that can read high
ASCII line drawing, QEdit, LIST, Norton Desktop Editor all
will do this.

Have fun!

Frank J. Mahaney

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