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ThingsToDo v1.3 - A Visual Basic PIM for Windows. Organizes info on people, tasks projects, meetings and other to-dos. Allows lengthy attached notes.

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ThingsToDo v1.3 - A Visual Basic PIM
for Windows. Organizes info on people, tasks
projects, meetings and other to-dos. Allows
lengthy attached notes. Search entire notes
and summaries without pre-defining keywords.
Emphasis on quick data entry and access.
Attractive printing for lists and schedules.
Memorable hot keys and on-screen help.

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ThingsToDo v1.3 – A Visual Basic PIM for Windows. Organizes info on people, tasks projects, meetings and other to-dos. Allows lengthy attached notes.
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Contents of the DESCRIBE.DOC file

- ThingsToDo, Version 1.3 - DESCRIBE.DOC -

T h i n g s T o D o

Version 1.3



Last updated: January, 1993

This file includes sample descriptions which you may use to describe
the ThingsToDo package.

Disk Vendors and Distributors please refer to the VENDOR.DOC text

File Name(s) for BBSs:
For consistency and to help users locate the files, please use the
following file names:

THINGZ.DOC "Readme" file for ThingsToDo, Version 1.3

THINGZ.EXE Self-Extracting file with program files, manual.

P.I.M. Scheduler Calendar Organizer

Windows Utilities, Personal Information Managers,Productivity Tools

Short Description:

ThingsToDo Version 1.3 is a Windows P.I.M. This shareware product
allows you to organize your calls, meetings and other to-dos. Keep
track of a wide variety of items and organize them into attractive
lists and schedules. Allows extensive notes. Comprehensive search
facility allows you to find entries anywhere without pre-defining
keywords. Priority on quick data entry and access, and on simplicity.
Makes minimal demands on system memory and storage. $35.00 registra-
tion fee.Programmed in Visual Basic 2.0.

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- ThingsToDo, Version 1.3 - DESCRIBE.DOC -

Long Description:
ThingsToDo, Version 1.3, is a Personal Information Manager for Windows
programmed in Visual Basic 2.0. ThingsToDo allows you quickly to collect
and organize notes about meetings, to-dos, calls, etc. It takes only
moments to install and master, yet gives you great power in searching,
organizing and displaying your notes. It draws on the familiar Windows
interface. Unlike many new Windows applications, however, it makes
minimal demands on your system's memory and storage capacity. It is
ideal for notebook computers with limited storage capacity. ThingsToDo
is distributed as shareware with a registration fee of $35.00.

The following are some of the key features of ThingsToDo:
1. Items of all types, including information about meetings, projects,
people, and tasks, are kept in a single database. This allows you to
mix types of information on reports, to access any type quickly, and
to scan across all types for those which have a particular word or
phrase, or those which are scheduled for a particular week or day.

2. You are able to enter and retrieve items which contain a minimum of
information. All you really have to enter is a brief summary. You
are not required to enter dates, times, priorities, etc., for various
tasks but may use these fields if desired.

3. For each item, you can enter an associated note which can be as much
as 15 pages in length. You may elect, on an item-by-item basis to
print associated notes when an item appears on a particular report.

4. Key word searches are applied not only to a summary that has been
entered for an item, but also to any text which has been entered in
associated notes.

5. Notes for a particular item are stored in a separate file in an ASCII
format. You can easily pull the note into the word processor or text
editor of your choice, massage it, and print it.

6. A set of memorable Hot Keys have been defined to allow you quick access
to the majority of the features of ThingsToDo.

7. ThingsToDo helps you as much as it possibly can on the entry of dates
and times, minimizing the need to worry about punctuation.

8. You are able quickly to mark an item as completed and to purge
completed items.

9. Tasks assigned to a particular day but have not been completed are
automatically displayed. You will not lose track of them merely because
the date has passed.

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- ThingsToDo, Version 1.3 - DESCRIBE.DOC -

Registration Information:
ThingsToDo is a "shareware program" and is provided to you for evaluation
at no charge. If you find this program useful and continue to use it
after a reasonable trial period, you must make a registration payment
of $35.00 to The Manager, Inc. When you register, I will send you a
copy of ThingsToDo which does not display the annoying registration notice
at startup. I will also answer your questions, keep you informed about
updates, and take your comments into account as we plan new updates. As
a part of paying the registration fee, you will be entitled to phone
support regarding ThingsToDo for the first six months following the date
your registration fee is received. You may purchase additional support
following the first six months for a fee of $5.00 per call. Phone support
is available evenings and weekends at (207) 872-4544. (You may call
anytime to leave messages on the machine.) You may also send me your
questions or comments via CompuServe. My ID is 76177,1321. Finally,
feel free to write me at the above address. I welcome your comments,
questions, and suggestions.

Author/Publisher Information:

The Manager, Inc. is a small software development firm owned and operated
by David J. Merk, a member of the Association of Shareware Professionals.

- ThingsToDo, Version 1.3 - DESCRIBE.DOC -

At The Manager, Inc., we have been developing software for PCs for nine
years. Our emphasis has been on creating programs which are firmly
anchored in the real world; we focus on how people work, on jobs that
really need to be done, and on keeping everything as simple as possible.

Please feel free to contact me (Dave Merk) at any time if you have any
questions, comments or suggestions. I can be reached by mail at the
following address:

The Manager, Inc.
P.O. Box 1822
Waterville, Maine 04903
(207) 872-4544

I can also be reached by voice or electronically as follows:

Voice: (207) 872-4544

CompuServe: 76177,1321

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