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BARTEYES is a mouse tracker and screen saver program for Windows 3.0.
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BARTEYES is a mouse tracker and screen saver program for Windows 3.0.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

*** This program is shareware ***

BARTEYES II -- The sequel

BARTEYES II is pretty much the same as the original BARTEYES except for
the addition of digital sound. BARTEYES II is a mouse tracker and screen
saver program. Digital sound was added after I received a copy of
DSOUND.DLL which is part of SOUNDER 2.0: Digitalized Sound Player for
Windows 3.0 from Aaron Wallace. SOUNDER is a great program --
Download it if you have the chance!

If you like and use BARTEYES II please send $3.00 to the address below.
You may note that this is $2.00 less than the original BARTEYES. This is
to accommodate the $2.00 license of DSOUND.DLL. Please note that DSOUND.DLL
is not included in the registration cost of BARTEYES II.

The above does not apply if you have registered previous versions of either

Also, If you would like the source code for BARTEYES II send $10.00
along with your name and address.

Please note: The icon for Bart was in the public domain. Any icon can be
used in place of Bart. With the source you can create your own mouse
tracker and screen blanker.

ZIP file should contain:

In the system menu of BARTEYES II is a Preferences... option. This will bring
up a dialog box with the following options:

Screen blanking time: Sets the blanking time in seconds.
Sound Check this if you want Bart to talk.
AutoLoad Check this if you want BARTEYES II to be loaded
automatically when you start Windows.
SOUNDER Control Panel: Brings up the DSOUND control panel.
(read the following documention)

[Excerpted from SOUNDER.WRI]...

Before trying to play a sound, it is necessary to set a few parameters
using the DSOUND Control Panel especially if you are using 386
Enhanced mode. The correct values for the parameters will depend
on which mode you are running Windows in. Note that they must be
set for each mode you plan to use while Windows is in that mode.

The DSOUND Control Panel will tell you which mode you're
currently running in. Also verify that the DSOUND version is 2.0.
The Control Panel will not work with DSOUND.DLL 1.0 (shipped
with Sounder 1.0).

If you are in Real or Standard mode, initially set the volume to 10
(use the slider above it) and check the Use Timer box. Press the Test
button. Adjust the volume to your liking (note that the volume of
individual sounds can be set as well; the test sound is a "typical"
sound). If the sound has a lot of static, sounds unrecognizable, or
otherwise is not Bart saying, "Oh, come on, I'll cheer you up," it may
be necessary to use a delay value instead of the timer as explained
for 386 Enhanced mode.

If you are in 386 Enhanced Mode, the Set Timer box will be grayed.
It will be necessary to set a delay value that is specific to your
machine and hardware. DSOUND cannot figure this out on its own
due to limitations of 386 Enhanced mode. 16 works well with a
386sx-20. Use the Test sound to determine if the tempo of the
playback is correct. If the sound plays back too quickly, bump up
the delay value; if it's too slow, bump the delay down. Adjust the
volume to your liking.

When done, press the Exit button. This will save stuff in WIN.INI.

Send all BARTEYES correspondence to: Send all SOUNDER correspondence to:
Randy EcclesAaron Wallace
100 Ocean View Dr. #405P.O. Box 13012
Dorchester, MA 02125Stanford, CA 94309-3020

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