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Displays a list of currently active DLL's under Windows.
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Displays a list of currently active DLL’s under Windows.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ABOUT.DLL 6208 3555 deflated
BC402RTL.DLL 219648 81596 deflated
DLLCHECK.EXE 36960 12455 deflated
DLLCHECK.HLP 358000 32361 deflated
README.1ST 1707 800 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

DLLCHK.EXE is a self-extracting archive that will create 5 files:


To remove DLLCheck from your system, delete these files (but not
BC402RTL.DLL if it is being used by other programs) and also delete
DLLCHECK.INI (if it has been created by your use of DLLCheck) from your
WINDOWS directory.

DLLCheck is non-destructive; it merely informs. Any actions you perform
based on its information you do outside of the program. The understanding
of your system it may provide is for you to use or abuse. I will assume
no responsibility for the consequences of the actions you take from your
use of this program.

DLLCheck is free to use and distribute as long as this file accompanies
its distribution. I welcome any comments or criticisms (and bug-reports!),
but any requests for enhancements will be answered if they are deemed
interesting. I can be reached on CompuServe at 74223,1437. Enjoy!

Russ Osterlund 9/21/94


Version 0.0.A (9/4/94)

Initial release


Version 1.0.A (9/17/94)

This is a bug-fix release for DLLCheck (thanks Matt P.!) It is a more
"sanitary" Windows program and adds a very few cosmetic enhancements to the
program's operation.


Version 1.0.B (9/21/94)

This is another bug-fix release for DLLCheck (thanks Carol B.!) It fixes
GPFs that would occur when printing a list of DLLs. The file, BANDAIDE.DLL,
has now been removed from the archive.

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