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Windows 3.0 Application to display ASCII/IBM/EBCDIC Tables.
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Windows 3.0 Application to display ASCII/IBM/EBCDIC Tables.
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Contents of the ACHART.DOC file

ACHART 1.1: Ascii Character Table for Windows 3.0
Copyright 1991 by Dave Lord

This program may be freely used and copied but
may not be sold except for a nominal copying
charge not to exceed US $10. This file should
be included with all copies of ACHART 1.1. The
author reserves the right to charge for future

Changes for version 1.1
Added Default Palette selection in Charset menu.

Added EBCDIC character chart.

Made some minor tweeks in appearance.

Description of program
ACHART is a Windows 3.0 program which displays a character
chart in the form of a 16x16 table. The following variations may
be displayed:

IBM PC character set. Smiley faces and all.

ANSI character set using names (NUL, SOH, STX, etc.) for
the control characters.

ANSI character set using (^A, ^B, ^C, etc) for the control

EBCDIC character set. Everytime I see this I can't help
but wonder what drugs they were using that would make
breaking up the alphabetic characters seem like a good
idea. A really remarkable encoding that everyone should
be familiar with.

Default Palette selection in Charset menu. OK, this isn't a
Charset. Too bad. The default palette is what you get if you
specify colors in a Windows program using PALETTEINDEX(num)
without first having created a logical palette. As far as I
know there are never more than 20 entries so it may seem
strange that I display them in a 256 entry table. Well, maybe
someday there will be more. Besides, I already had code to
display a 256 entry table.

Pointless Rambling
You may be wondering why I wrote this program. Practice mostly.
I've been playing with Windows and wanted to write something that
was at least somewhat useful. Then too, I'm always looking for
an ascii chart and I prefer the table format over the typical
list format because it allows me to see all the characters at
once. That makes it easier to find the value for all those special
characters than if I had to scroll through 256 lines.

So why aren't I asking for a donation? Yeah, right.
Like I really believe anyone is going to send me money.
I doubt it would really be worth the trouble of
having to mess around with a handful of $5 checks anyway.
Face it, all I really want is the glory. That and of course
women throwing themselves at my feet. Everybody knows that
Windows programmers get all the girls. At least that's
what Bill Gates keeps telling me, though the folks over at
IBM keep whispering "OS/2, OS/2," in my ears as I sleep at night.
So don't send me money unless you really happen to have a
lot of it. If you want to send me glory, expensive presents,
fabulous job offers, or if you're a woman who wants to throw
herself at my feet, you can write to me at the following address.
By the way, I apologize if this sounds sexist, but I'm really
not much interested in having any of you guys throwing yourselves
at my feet.

Dave Lord
3307 Lincoln Av.
San Diego, CA 92104

******NOTICE: The author provides no guarantees for this ******
******program and assumes no liability for any dammages ******
******resulting from its use. ******

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