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A good graphics conversion program for Win 3.1 - Full C source code.
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A good graphics conversion program for Win 3.1 – Full C source code.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
100.PCX 6989 4183 deflated
100X100.PCX 7757 2579 deflated
ABOUT.DLG 509 282 deflated
BITMAPS.C 17562 4420 deflated
BITMAPS.DEF 282 201 deflated
BITMAPS.EXE 87568 24880 deflated
BITMAPS.H 2739 1097 deflated
BITMAPS.ICO 1526 216 deflated
BITMAPS.MAK 1636 651 deflated
BITMAPS.RC 2946 1148 deflated
BMFILE.C 5594 1803 deflated
BMFILE.H 756 393 deflated
BMINFO.C 3288 1241 deflated
BMINFO.H 403 258 deflated
BMMANIP.C 19210 4465 deflated
BMMANIP.H 1675 607 deflated
BWCC.DLL 130224 41102 deflated
COLORS.C 7870 2314 deflated
COLORS.DLG 1205 456 deflated
COLORS.H 916 480 deflated
FILEOPEN.DLG 2714 699 deflated
GIF.C 24334 7974 deflated
GIF.H 477 283 deflated
GRAYING.BMP 150 62 deflated
HELP.BMP 998 345 deflated
HELPDOWN.BMP 1014 386 deflated
HELPFOCU.BMP 1036 388 deflated
ICNFILE.C 6583 2115 deflated
ICNFILE.H 1496 670 deflated
OPENFILE.C 8339 2573 deflated
OPENFILE.H 490 286 deflated
OPTION.BMP 1366 273 deflated
OPTIONDO.BMP 1366 292 deflated
OPTIONFO.BMP 1366 305 deflated
OS2.BMP 32842 998 deflated
PCX.C 9111 3092 deflated
PCX.H 537 306 deflated
PRINT.C 8364 2178 deflated
PRINT.H 733 408 deflated
PRSETUP.DLG 2109 581 deflated
README.DOC 2495 1125 deflated
RLE4.BMP 6644 1220 deflated
SETUP.BMP 1366 290 deflated
SETUPDOW.BMP 1366 307 deflated
SETUPFOC.BMP 1366 311 deflated
TEST.PCX 2391 756 deflated
TEST1.PCX 5449 1089 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

This program is a simple viewer for Windows Bitmap, Windows Icon,
Z-Soft PCX, and CompueServe GIF images. The color table for the
bitmaps can be edited, and the images can also be printed. The source
code is provided to show how all of this has been done. The code also
shows how to modify the Windows 3.1 Common Dialogs look, and extending
them with additional functionality. To run this program, you also need
the Windows 3.1 COMMDLG.DLL and Borland's BWCC.DLL (part of Borland
C++, Turbo Pascal for Windows, and other Borland products like Paradox
for Windows).

If you have any questions on this code, suggestions for improvement, or
just to tell me you found it useful, you can contact me through my
CompuServe account number 70253,3461.

For further image processing information, I would suggest checking out
Martin Heller's Advanced Windows Programming book, which provided the
basis for my PCX and GIF file loading code.

As a final note, I have tried to make this code as problem free as
possible, but I make no guaranttees. Use at your own risk.

Larry Widing

Files in this Archive
readme.docThis file
bitmaps.exeExecutable version of image viewer
bwcc.dllBorland Custom Control DLL

Source Files
bitmaps.makMakefile for image viewer (Borland C++ Version 3.1)
bitmaps.cMain source module
bmfile.cBitmap file reading/writing routines
bminfo.cBitmap information display routines
bmmanip.cBitmap manipulation routines
colors.cColor table editing functions
gif.cCompuServe GIF image reading rountines
icnfile.cWindows Icon reading routines
openfile.cCommon Dialog Open File and Save File hooks
pcx.cZ-Soft PCX file reading routines
print.cSimple image printing functions
bitmaps.defImage viewer DEF file
bitmaps.rcImage viewer resource file
about.dlgAbout box dialog template
colors.dlgColor table editing dialog template
fileopen.dlgFile Open dialog template
prsetup.dlgPrinter Setup dialog template
graying.bmpdithered bitmap for dialog pattern brush
help.bmpHelp push button images
option.bmpOption push button images
setup.bmpSetup push button images
bitmaps.icoImage viewer icon

Test Images

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