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Alien Force action game for Windows 3.0. Shoot'em up game.
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Alien Force action game for Windows 3.0. Shoot’em up game.
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Contents of the AFORCE.DOC file

Alien Force is a simple "blast everything that moves" game for Windows 3.0.
It was inspired by fond (albeit vague) memories of an old TRS-80 game called
"Attack Force", which I found very addictive. I've tried to capture at least
some of the essence of that game here.

To install it, copy the files AFORCE.EXE and AFORCE.HLP to a directory on your
hard disk, then use New Program Item in the Files menu of the Program Manager
to install Alien Force in one of your program group windows.

When you start the game, the playing grid will be displayed, with your ship
in the lower right corner and a row of evil dudes along the top row. The
arrow keys move your ship. The "S" key (or the number-pad "5" key when NUM-
LOCK is on) stops your ship, and the "R" key reverses its direction. The
space bar fires a missile (you can fire only one at a time).

You will receive 100 points for each ship you destroy. Each time you wipe out
all of the enemy ships, you ascend to the next level of play (and receive a

sizeable quantity of bonus points). Don't dilly-dally -- your score decreases
as time goes by with no enemy ships hit.

At each higher level, the game becomes a little bit faster and the enemy a
little bit smarter. A few surprises await, too.

If you spot any bugs, or wish to make any comments or suggestions, please
write to me! You can reach me on GEnie (R.EPPS), CompuServe (72560,3353),
BIX (repps), or Prodigy (GPKT94A). Or write to me at:

Robert Epps
208 Preble Drive #E
Tustin, CA 92680-3743

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