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Printer's Apprentice is a general screen & printer font viewing utility for Windows.

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Printers Apprentice Font Manager v 5.7 for
Windows 3.X

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Printer’s Apprentice is a general screen & printer font viewing utility for Windows.
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DESC.SDI 57 57 stored
DWSPYDLL.DL$ 41714 40282 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 57 57 stored
GRID.VB$ 27586 26534 deflated
INSTALL.BIN 52879 51096 deflated
INSTALL.EXE 5888 2547 deflated
INSTALL.INF 1093 437 deflated
KEYSTAT.VB$ 10777 10355 deflated
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PASETUP.BMP 14182 736 deflated
README.TXT 5521 2376 deflated
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Printers Apprentice Font Manager v 5.7 for
Windows 3.X
Printer's Apprentice 5.7 * The best font utility for Microsoft Windows!

"Virtually every user can benefit from Printer's Apprentice."
April 1993

"The best-designed Windows font viewer for all font formats..."
-PC Magazine
October 27, 1992

*This program requires VBRUN300.DLL, available on your favorite BBS,
and the DTPFORUM on CompuServe, DL6, VBRUN2.ZIP
(c) Copyright 1991-1993 by Bryan T. Kinkel and Lose Your Mind Development
Lose Your Mind Development
c/o Bryan T. Kinkel <--- Note! New address!
506 Wilder Square
Norristown, PA 19401-2643
(215) 275-7034
Latest Version of Printer's Apprentice always on

**HH InfoNet**
(203) 738-1046 Supra V32B
(203) 738-0342 USR HST DS
(203) 246-3747 USR HST DS

Compuserve DTPFORUM, WINADV forums
Q. What is it?
A. Printer's Apprentice is a font management utility for the Windows
3.1 operating environment. It helps you manage all your TrueType
and Adobe Type 1 fonts by printing inventory sheets (3 flavors!),
ANSI charts, keyboard layouts, and specimen sheets. It was noted
as the *BEST* Windows font utility by PC Magazine (10/27/92) and
features one of the sharpest interfaces around.

Q. How do I install this program real quick?
A. Unzip the PA56.ZIP to a new diskette or directory and run
INSTALL.EXE. This will decompress the files and copy them
to the right places on your hard drive.

Q. What happens if I get a "Out of Date" error after installing the
A. Every attempt has been made to distribute the latest versions of
the VBX & DLL support files. However, making sure the correct version
is on your machine can be a pain. Some shareware (and commercial!!)
vendors do not use reliable SETUP.EXE and INSTALL.EXE programs. These
programs may overwrite a support file or place the wrong date stamp
on a copied file. Thus you will receive a "out of date" error when
you try to run Printer's Apprentice. If you get this error, the fix
is easy.
1) Search your ENTIRE hard drive for the offending file.
2) Delete ALL copies of this file. You may be surprised at
how many duplicate VBX files you have creeping around on
your hard drive.
3) Restart Windows.
4) Reinstall Printer's Apprentice. This should fix everything
for you.

Q. I noticed this version uses different VBX files? Can I delete VBX files
from your old versions that are no longer used??
A. I have really, really tried to reduce the number of third-party add
on files used by Printer's Apprentice. Listed below are VBX's that
where used by prior (5.6 & below) version. You can delete them from
your Windows & System directories...


NOTE: These files may be used by other shareware programs on your
computer. Check your documentation for more information.

Q. How do I remove the program if I need more space on my machine?
A. There is a file named INSTALL.LOG located in the PA directory. This
lists out *every* file and program manager group added to your system.
Note: Some other vendors may use some VBX files on your system.
THREED.VBX is a VERY popular file!!

Q. What happened to the documentation file?
A. Everything has been placed in a Windows help file. Just click
the Help menu item or the question mark icons...

Q. How do I purchase this program?
A. We can only take orders with personal checks. Do *NOT* send cash,
even if you are in another country. For foreign orders, please use
a postal money order or a bank check drawn on US dollars. Pricing
is as follows.

Domestic United States:
1 copy of Printer's Apprentice, with 30 page users guide $25
1 copy of Printer's Apprentice $20

Canadian, Foreign orders, Europe, the world outside of the US
1 copy of Printer's Apprentice, with 30 page users guide $30
1 copy of Printer's Apprentice $25

Please make checks payable to "Lose Your Mind Development"

Q. What is the upgrade policy?
A. When you register, I will send you a code and a certificate. Upon release
of major upgrades, I will notify you with a post card. The cost of
duplication and mailing has gotten out of hand, so upgrades will cost
a nominal $5 if you need a new diskette. Or you can wait to find the
program on a local BBS. The codeword will always work for future

Q. Anything else?
A. Yes! I am always open to suggestions! This software is made for
anyone who cares about type. Designers, DTPers, layout artists,
print shops, publishers, etc, this sofware is for you. If you have
any suggestions, spec sheet ideas, interface notes, let me know.
75% of the improvements in this release came from users. This
is your program! It is easiest to reach me at home, after 7pm EST.

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