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Cigarette-novelty program for Windows 3.x, lights a cigarette, and no harm.
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Cigarette-novelty program for Windows 3.x, lights a cigarette, and no harm.
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Contents of the CIGARETT.TXT file

Desktop Cigarette Version 1.0
(C) Copyright 1993 TOGGLE BOOLEANS
All rights reserved.

The TOGGLE BOOLEANS Desktop Cigarrette is the latest edition in
our Desktop Metaphor series.

Until now there have been notepads, card files, clipboards, and
calculators on your Windows desktop. TOGGLE BOOLEANS provides
the missing pieces: Desktop Cigarette and its companion program,
Desktop Coffee Mug.

Desktop Cigarette:
Nicotine: 0.0 mg
Tar: 0.0 mg
CO: 0.0 mg

Warning: Smoking can reduce the life expectancy of your bits.
The Programmer General recommends using the TOGGLE
BOOLEANS Bit Recycler once a week for maximum
bit healthiness and happiness.

Non-Productivity Pack
Desktop Cigarette is a part of the TOGGLE BOOLEANS
Non-Productivity Pack, a collection of Windows programs of
a rather light-hearted nature. Included are this program, the
Desktop Coffee Mug, the Elvis Detector, Bit Recycler and more.
To order the Non-Productivity Pack, send $10US or $12 Canadian
to the address below. International customers, please send an
international money order for $10US.

For more information about other TOGGLE BOOLEANS products,
such as The Bit Recycler, Mouse Warp, and Swift Access write to:

P.O. Box 4204
Station E
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1S 5B2

License and Disclaimer
This license and disclaimer refer to the product Desktop Cigarette
developed by TOGGLE BOOLEANS and is hereafter referred to

The files that comprise the THE PROGRAM may be freely copied
provided that all of the files are copied as a group, such as
in a single archive, and the files are not modified in any way
including removal or alteration of copyright notices or this
Except for minimal fees to cover distribution costs, no fee may
may charged for the distribution of THE PROGRAM without the
explicit permission in writing of TOGGLE BOOLEANS.
TOGGLE BOOLEANS maintains exclusive ownership of THE PROGRAM.
THE PROGRAM is provided AS IS.
TOGGLE BOOLEANS will in no way be responsible, in financial
or any other terms, for damages (both consequential and incidental)
resulting from the use or misuse of the THE PROGRAM.

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