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Small Text file about True Type Fonts.
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Small Text file about True Type Fonts.
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Question 1:

Which TrueType fonts will be included in the Microsoft Windows Operating System version


Windows 3.1 will ship with a core set of 14 TrueType fonts. Times New Roman* Times
New Roman Bold, Times New Roman Italic, Times New Roman Bold Italic, Arial*, Arial
Bold, Arial Italic, Arial Bold Italic, Courier New, Courier New Bold, Courier New
Italic, Courier New Bold Italic, Symbol, and WingDings.

Question 2:

Can I use both TrueType and Adobe fonts with Windows version 3.1?


Version 3.1 ships with TrueType in the box, so you have instant TrueType support when
3.1 is installed. If you want Adobe support, version 3.1, like 3.0, supports Adobe soft
fonts for PostScript printers. But to get the full Adobe functionality along with
TrueType, you must install Adobe Type Manager, because TrueType and Adobe use
different rasterizers.

If you want to use your existing soft font package you have two options:

1.Talk to your font vendor to see if the vendor has a "trade in" program. Bitstream
is an example of a company that does this.

2.Convert your fonts. At this time, Fontmonger from Ares is the only announced
product that allows conversion of other fonts to TrueType fonts. But we know
that several font vendors are planning similar products to support font conversion.

Question 3:

Which font vendors offer TrueType fonts?


Microsoft is providing a TrueType Font library with 44 TrueType fonts. For more
information contact Microsoft End-User Sales and Service at 1-800-426-9400 Monday -
Friday, 6 am - 5:30 pm, Pacific time. Most of the major font vendors have also
announced plans to develop substantial TrueType libraries for the Windows operating
system. These include AGFA , Bigelow & Homes, Bitstream, Casady & Green, Castcraft,
Digital Typeface Corporation, Font Bank, Kingsley/ATF, LetraSet, Linotype-Hell,
Micrologic Software, Monotype, Photo-Lettering, Treacy Faces and URW.

Question 4:

What tools are available for developing TrueType fonts?


TrueType development tools are currently available from Type Solutions (TypeMan),
Letraset (FontStudio), Projective Solutions (Ingredient and SplineLab), Altsys
(Fontographer), and others.

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