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META-MOUSE: A Cursor Visibility Enhancement Utility for Windows 3.X.
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META-MOUSE: A Cursor Visibility Enhancement Utility for Windows 3.X.
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Contents of the METAMOUS.DOC file

META-MOUSE: A Cursor Visibility Enhancement Utility
Version 1.3
(Formerly named "Blinky")
Copyright 1992, Farpoint Software

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This program may be freely copied and distributed, as long as the
following conditions are met: (1) No fee is charged other than a normal
time usage fee required by some Bulletin Board Services, or a small
disk duplication fee not to exceed $8, (2) The program is distributed
in its original, unmodified form, and (3) This document file is
included with the executable file without modification. This program
may not be bundled with, or transferred as part of, any package which
is sold or for which any licensing fee is charged.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This program is released as shareware. This means that you may use the
program for a trial period of up to three weeks, but if you continue to
use it regularly thereafter, a registration fee of $12 is requested.
The registration fee may be sent to:

Farpoint Software
2501 Afton Court
League City, TX 77573-3438

phone: 713-332-3782
fax: 713-332-4730

Upon registering, you will be mailed a disk containing the most recent
version of the program. Telephone support is always available.

This program may also be registered through Compuserve (GO SWREG).
The program title is META-MOUSE VERSION 1.3, and the registration
ID is 146. Registrations done this way will be charged along with
your Compuserve account. This is a very convenient system and we
encourage you to use it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Meta-Mouse is a Microsoft Windows program whose purpose is to improve
the visibility of the mouse cursor. This is accomplished in several ways:
(1) The cursor can be made to blink on and off, (2) The cursor can be
made much larger, displaying either a large black arrow with a white
border, a large white arrow with a black border, a large inverse-color
arrow, or numerous others, (3) The cursor can be made to change its
shape dynamically (see the "Ultra-High Visibility" option), and (4) The
normally "white" part of the cursor can be changed to one of several
other colors, including dynamic color cycling.

There are just two files in the archive:

METAMOUS.EXE - The executable program.
METAMOUS.DOC - This file.

To install the program, simply copy the EXE file into any desired
directory, then start the program as you would any other Windows
program (i.e. place an entry into the Program Manager and double-click
it, or select File/Run from the Program Manager menu and type the full
pathname of METAMOUS.EXE as the comamnd line). If you install Meta-Mouse
into the "Startup" group in Windows 3.1, it will be automatically loaded
each time you start Windows.

Meta-Mouse starts up as an icon. It can be configured from the "Setup"
dialog box, accessible from the icon's system menu. While the dialog
box is visible, the following parameters can be set:

Blink rate: Can be set to 250, 500, or 1000 milliseconds. This is
the approximate time taken by the complete on/off cycle.

Duty cycle: Can be set to 75% or 50%. This determines the on-time-
to-off-time ratio. For example, if the blink rate is set to
1000 milliseconds and the duty cycle is set to 75%, then the
cursor will be "on" for 750 milliseconds and "off" for 250
milliseconds of each cycle.

Blink while moving: If checked, then the cursor will blink at all
times. If this option is unchecked, then the cursor will remain
"on" as long as it is in motion, and will start to blink only
while stationary.

Do not blink: If checked, then the cursor will not blink at all.
This option is used to allow the program to provide the shape
changing feature only.

Cursor shape: Sets the appearance of the cursor. Try each one to
see its effect. NOTE: The cursor shape labeled "Ultra-High
Visibility" invokes a routine which changes the cursor shape
on-the-fly, but does not actually blink it off. This shape
will not be affected by the "Duty cycle", "Blink while moving",
or "No-blink" options.

Color: This changes the "white" part of the cursor to a selected
color. Correct operation of this feature is highly dependent
on the video adapter device driver. It should work with most
of the drivers supplied by Microsoft, as well as some drivers
supplied by other vendors for their video adapters under
Windows 3.1. It is known not to work with several 1280x1024
drivers and will probably not work with TIGA drivers. Meta-Mouse
can usually determine if the color-change feature is functioning;
the "Color Enable" check-box will be grayed if it is determined
that the color feature is incompatible with your driver. This
will NOT interfere with the other functions of the program.
Note: be sure to try the "Oh Wow" color setting.

Meta-Mouse automatically saves its configuration in a file named
METAMOUS.INI, which will be created in the default directory the first
time Meta-Mouse is run. Meta-Mouse will NOT put "junk" in your WIN.INI
file, nor will it play with your CONFIG and AUTOEXEC files.

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