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Convert PC Files to MacIntosh Files and back. Windows 3.x Program.

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MacSEE, v.2.0 -- a utility which enables you
to read/write MacIntosh format disks on an
IBM-compatible PC.

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Convert PC Files to MacIntosh Files and back. Windows 3.x Program.
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MacSEE V2.0

P.O. Box 1884
Clemson, SC 29633

MacSEE is a utility that will allow you to read/write Macintosh format
diskettes on your PC. This includes 1.44 MB High Density Macintosh
diskettes, 800K Low Density Spectre format Macintosh Diskettes (this is
the Mac emulator for the Atari ST), and Macintosh hard disks including
SyQuest removable hard drives formatted on a Mac.
Please note that if you find this utility of use to you then you are
required to register it, otherwise please remove it from your system.
Registration entitles you to the latest version of MacSEE, upgrade
information, printed documentation, and copies of our other Shareware
utilities to try out. The registration fee is $35.00.

Using MacSEE-
After loading MacSEE you will be presented by a list box containing
any Macintosh files on the selected disk (or a list of available devices
with Macintosh disks), and a panel of options. To select a Macintosh
devices just click on it in the list box with the mouse (if the devices
is a floppy drive be sure to insert a Mac disk first). All files on the
device will be displayed. After selecting a file you can then click on
the '>> Copy >>' button to copy that file from the Mac disk onto a PC
disk. The '<< Copy <<' button takes a PC file and copies it to the Macintosh
disk that has been selected.
If translation is on then only the data fork of the Macintosh
file will be copied. This is useful for transferring information
files from the Mac to the PC when you have no intention of copying
the file back to the Macintosh at a later time. Without translation
the MacBinary format of the Macintosh file will be preserved and you will
later be able to copy the file back to a Macintosh disk.

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