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Cinematic Mail Manager. Internet mail manager front-end for Windows environment.
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Cinematic Mail Manager. Internet mail manager front-end for Windows environment.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BWCC.DLL 129904 36720 deflated
CLICENSE.TXT 1295 436 deflated
CMM.EXE 258560 72957 deflated
CMM.HLP 56151 39523 deflated
CMM.TXT 7560 3161 deflated
FSUUCP.PIF 545 138 deflated
FTPSOFT.BAT 55 55 stored
FTPSOFT.PIF 545 135 deflated
LICENSES.TXT 988 298 deflated
PATHWAY.BAT 55 55 stored
PATHWAY.PIF 545 135 deflated
PCNFS.BAT 52 52 stored
PCNFS.PIF 545 129 deflated
POSTER.TXT 389 270 deflated
README.TXT 1566 755 deflated
UUPC.PIF 545 143 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Special note about Cinetic Mail Manager or one of its components

Change of name

Cinetic Mail Manager was formerly known as EZ-Mail. Cinetic Systems has
decided to change the name of the product because of possible trademarks
infigments with Shecora Associates' EZ-E-Mail(tm) and EZMailbox(tm).
We appologize to Shecora Associates Inc. for any confusion our use of
EZ-Mail could have caused.


Some version of UUPC/extended rmail program is named rmail.exe and some other The pif distributed with CMM is configured to start
If you are using a version of UUPC/extended, with an rmail.exe you must use
Microsoft's Windows pif editor to change to rmail.exe. Please refer
to your Windows manual for more information about the pif editor.

How to purchase a site licenses for CMM

To know more about site-licenses prices, see the file "licenses.txt" for the
U.S. curreccy prices and the file "clicense.txt" for the Canadian currency
prices. If you wish to contact us before you send the check, you can reach us
on the internet at [email protected] or on Compuserve at 71640,666.
Please take note that Public (software) License do not seel site-licenses for
CMM. Site-licenses must be paid directly to us with a check or money order.
Upon reception of your check, we will send you a site-license kit containing
a disk with an easy-to-use installation program.

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