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Version 1.2 of the worderful ICON drawing program for MS Windows 3.0. It now allows you to paste from the clipboard.
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Version 1.2 of the worderful ICON drawing program for MS Windows 3.0. It now allows you to paste from the clipboard.
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AT.ICO 766 120 deflated
BEER.ICO 766 190 deflated
CAMERA.ICO 766 191 deflated
CHART.ICO 766 197 deflated
DISK.ICO 766 226 deflated
DOS.ICO 766 198 deflated
EMAIL.ICO 766 117 deflated
EYE.ICO 766 217 deflated
ICONDRAW.EXE 73700 25554 deflated
RAIN.ICO 766 212 deflated
README.TXT 2401 1223 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Welcome to Icondraw for Windows 3.0 Version 1.2
by Philip B. Eskelin, Jr. and Michael Gates.
This is a shareware program, which I developed as a utility to help others
in their pursuit of an ultimate graphical interface, fitting their needs to
the fullest extent. I also developed it for personal reward. Now I would
like to share it with others.

This application is an icon editor, where you can make your own 16-color, 32x32
pixel icons which fit into the PROGMAN perfectly. The following lists the steps
required to change an icon in the PROGMAN (Program Manager):

1. Save the Icon to a file with an .ICO extension.
2. Click on the icon in the PROGMAN which you wish to change ONCE.
3. Choose File Properties.
4. Click on the "Change Icon.." button.
5. Type in the name of the icon with the full path. (e.g. "c:\windows\myicon.ico").
6. Click on OK, then on OK again.

PRESTO! you will notice that the icon you specified now is visible in the

Version 1.2 Improvements:

1. All bugs are fixed as far as I know. Otherwise the features are the

Wishlist for Icondraw version 2.0 available to registered users:

1. Grid.
2. Transparency will be added.
3. A floodfill tool will be implemented.
4. Copy Bitmap feature added so that you can copy your icon to the Clipboard.
5. "Open Executable" function which will bring up an icon from a Windows

If you have any questions, my name is Philip Eskelin, Jr. Feel free to mail
me any suggestions at [76701,152].

If you find this a very useful tool, please send 15 dollars to me. I will
greatly appreciate it! In addition, if you register, you will be able to
get my full fledged version 2.0!! I made the decision to do this because
version 1.2 fixes the bugs, and version 2.0 will have sooo many cool things,
I feel it is only fair to make it accessible to registered users only.
By the way: Over 5,000 people have downloaded versions 1.00 and 1.1
combined! Hope all of you register....

Mail Check or cash to:

Philip B. Eskelin, Jr.
10007 NE 125th LN #4
Kirkland, WA. 98034

Thank you again. I am totally open to feedback and suggestions!!!

Philip B. Eskelin, Jr.
Washington State University (GO COUGARS!)
Copyright 1990

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