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Code Breaker game for Windows. Includes complete C source.
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Code Breaker game for Windows. Includes complete C source.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

June 7, 1991

Thank-you for downloading Code Breaker II. I place this
program and its source code in the public domain so as
to assist other programmers in learning the Windows

Code Breaker is based on a commercial game of similar
design. The computer has randomly choosen a code
consisting of 4 coloured pegs. Your task is to
determine the code. As you play each round the computer
will provide clues.

NOTE: In the first version of this program some users
believed that the position of the clues was important.
This is not so. The program randomly positions clues.
The position of a clue is not meant to be a clue itself.

The source code and bitmap files are also included. I used the
Borland C++ compiler although the code is standard C. There is
nothing in the code unique to Borland so Microsoft users will
have no problems picking apart or compiling the code.

If you have Borland C++ and wish to compile this program
then the easiest way is to create a project file with the
following three files:

For the most part I feel that this program is complete. There
are only two things which could be done better. First, a bitmap
instead of a text asterisk could be used to show the current
colour. Secondly, the enormous help screen could be redone
using the help compiler.

Aside from placing this program in the public domain I have also
designated it EGOWARE. What this means is that you must (please)
send me a letter (electronically or postally) telling me that you
have downloaded it and what you think of it. I plan to make a
Scrapbook containing your messages. Also include what part of the
world you are from.

Please use my electronic mail box and not the message boards of the
SIGS or Roundtables to contact me. I may only check in weekly and
miss your message.

Have fun!

Kenneth Fogel
Omnibus Systems
8108 Norfolk Road
Cote St-Luc, Quebec
Canada, H4X 1A3

Compuserve: 74646,2157
GENIE: K.Fogel

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