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WinBatch - Ver 40l - A batch language for Windows 3.1.

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WinBatch - 4.0L (ASP) Write Windows Batch
Files. Dialogs, program control, & powerful
data manipulation features lets you control
Windows. A must for the power user.
Over 200 functions let you do *anything* in
Windows! DDE, Multimedia, and More! $69.95

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WinBatch – Ver 40l – A batch language for Windows 3.1.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BROWLANG.DL_ 7772 2889 deflated
BROWSER.EX_ 64752 28422 deflated
DATETIME.WB_ 91 80 deflated
DEFAULT.WB_ 1047 465 deflated
DOSPASTE.WB_ 1354 577 deflated
EDITFILE.WB_ 1468 624 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 262 196 deflated
GLOBAL.WD_ 237 143 deflated
INIEDIT.WB_ 2607 908 deflated
INTACTV.WB_ 421 189 deflated
MCITEST.WB_ 210 148 deflated
NOTEPAD.WD_ 101 78 deflated
NWCONN.DL_ 9120 4679 deflated
NWCORE.DL_ 4992 2107 deflated
NWMISC.DL_ 14784 7282 deflated
OPENALL.WB_ 753 373 deflated
PLAYMIDI.WB_ 1304 611 deflated
PLAY_CD.WB_ 471 274 deflated
README.TXT 9639 3817 deflated
README2.TXT 25313 8822 deflated
RUNGEN.WB_ 653 322 deflated
SIMPLE.WB_ 328 199 deflated
SOL.WB_ 886 400 deflated
STONES.WB_ 2074 790 deflated
STONES.WT_ 369 222 deflated
STRANGE.WB_ 78 72 deflated
SYSINFO.WB_ 2220 887 deflated
W10NET.DL_ 3680 1592 deflated
WBANYAN.DL_ 3040 1204 deflated
WB__VER.40L 98 83 deflated
WILDOC.TX_ 1302 658 deflated
WINBATCH.EX_ 19456 6197 deflated
WINBATCH.HL_ 40195 29213 deflated
WINBATCH.MA_ 34875 8947 deflated
WINMACHK.DL_ 10608 3979 deflated
WINMACRO.EX_ 16720 7665 deflated
WLANMAN.DL_ 5696 2466 deflated
WNOVELL.DL_ 21440 8395 deflated
WSETUP.EXE 7152 3706 deflated
WSETUP.INF 10268 3659 deflated
WSETUP2.OVL 56496 22144 deflated
WTASTIC.DL_ 4160 1933 deflated
WWWBAT11.DL_ 171904 76627 deflated
WWWDEALR.DL_ 2944 1048 deflated
WWWDLANG.DL_ 53840 13897 deflated
WWWDNETX.DL_ 8912 2997 deflated
ZOOMER.WB_ 861 451 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

WinBatch - 4.0L (ASP) Write Windows Batch
Files. Dialogs, program control, & powerful
data manipulation features lets you control
Windows. A must for the power user.
Over 200 functions let you do *anything* in
Windows! DDE, Multimedia, and More! $69.95

This disk contains the WinBatch Interpreter version 4.0L,
and our WinMacro product.

WinBatch is the Windows Batch Language that you can use to real real
honest-to-goodness Windows batch files to control every aspect of
your machine's operation. There are more than 200 different functions
to allow you to do *anything* with WinBatch!

WinBatch supports DDE, Networks, and all Multimedia devices.


WinBatch requires an IBM PC or compatible with a minimum of 2
megabytes of RAM, running Microsoft Windows version 3.0 or higher.


Registered users receive our new "Dialog Editor" which allows them to
graphically construct dialog boxes, (a lot like the Visual Basic dialog
editor), and other utilities to help make programming WinBatch files a
tad easier and faster.


A fee based extended support system is now available to assist
corporate software engineering projects which require high technology
assistance, custom Windows programming, or custom interfaces to suites
of Windows applications. See the README2.TXT file for more information.


WinBatch 4.0 is a major update from previous versions. We are
sending all registered users update letters. If you are a registered
users and did not receive an update letter by Nov 1, 1992, then
somehow we missed you. Call (800)-762-8383 and get it straightened

This is WinBatch 4.0, a MAJOR update from previous versions. There are
over 75 new functions (when compared to the 3.0 version).

WinBatch has a new dialog box capability for real Windows dialog boxes.
(Registered users even receive our new graphical Dialog Editor, which
makes the programming of the Dialog boxes easier than ever.)

The new WinMacro facility allows you to have menuitems on any and/or all
applications, and to have HotKeys defined to do most any task.

*** Be sure the following files wind up in a directory defined
in your DOS PATH statement.

WWWBATxx.DLL (where xx is some number like 11)

Also check the extensions section of the WIN.INI file to be
sure the WBT extension points to the directory where WINBATCH
is installed.


WinBatch now supports some foreign languages. English is built in,
and the software attempts to examine your system, and, if you are using
German or French, will configure itself to use German or French. More
languages on the way. There is also "ValSpeak", which is both a
parody on Southern California slang, and an example of how *some*
messages may be modified for the end users.

To access a non-default langauage do the following:

1) Examine the WWWDLANG.DLL file to determine the languages
available. The file has documentation in it that will help you
figure this out. (It is not really a DLL, you can look at it.
It will probably be in your Windows directory.)

2) Edit the WWWBATCH.INI file and add an item to the MAIN section,
something like:


*** Announcing the WinBatch Compiler ***

Also available is our "WinBatch Compiler". With the WinBatch compiler,
you can turn your WBT files into standalone EXE files that you can
distribute on a royalty-free basis.

Have a BIG network? Want all your users to run your WBT files?
Compile the WBT files with the WinBatch Compiler and put the EXE's
up on the server.

Making specialized WinBatch files for clients? Don't want them modifying
your files? Just compile the WBT files, and give the EXE to your client.

Are you the "corporate guru". Get a compiler. Compile those WBT files
and hand them out like candy.

The WinBatch compiler, a separate product from the WinBatch Interpreter
contained in these files, is available for $395.00, plus shipping, if


Most files will end in a _ (underscore). Some of them have been
compressed and will be expanded by the setup program, whileas the
others are sinply renamed. In any case, the setup program
(WSETUP.EXE) should take care of moving the files around.

README2 TXT ...continued...
WSETUP EXE The Windows-based setup program.
WSETUP INF Information file for the setup program.
WB__VER ??? A dummy file. ??? is the current version number.
WSETUP2 OVL More of the setup program.

The following files *might* be in either a COMMON or WINBATCH subdirectory
in disk-based versions of the distribution files.

WINBATCH EXE The main WinBatch EXE file
WWWBATxx DLL A required Dynamic Link Library
WWWDLANG DLL Language strings.
WINMACRO EXE The main WinMacro EXE file
WINMACHK DLL A required Dynamic Link Library
WWWDEALR DLL A required Dynamic Link Library
BROWSER EXE A handy file viewing utility

WIL HLP A Windows helpfile on the WIL language.

WILDOC MAN The technical reference for the WIL language.
WINBATCH MAN The manual. Possibly compressed.

NOTE: WILDOC.MAN and WINBATCH.MAN may not be on your disk if you
have registered WinBatch and we provide you with printed
copies of the manuals.

DOSPASTE WBT Sample WBT file. How-2 paste to DOS apps.
STONES WBT Sample WBT file. "Stones" game -- Can you count?
STONES WTX Text file used by STONES.WBT for instructions
ZOOMER WBT Sample WBT file. Runs apps from ProgMan as maximized.
SOL WBT Sample WBT file. Solitaire with a timer.
PKUNZIP WBT Sample WBT file. PKUNZIP shell.
PKUNZUP WDG Dialog box definition for PKUNZIP shell.
INTACTV WBT Sample WBT file. Allows for interactive commands.
SYSINFO WBT Displays system information.
INIEDIT WBT Easy INI file Editor.

PLAYMIDI WBT Sample WBT file. Plays MIDI files.
MCITEST WBT Sample WBT file. Allows interactive control of
Multimedia devices.
PLAY_CD WBT Sample WBT file. Plays Audio CD's.

GLOBAL WDF Sample Macro definition file. For ALL applications.
NOTEPAD WDF Sample Macro definition file. For NOTEPAD app only.
SIMPLE WBT Sample Macro file. Just a simple little WBT file.
STRANGE WBT Sample Macro file. Just a strange little WBT file.
RUNGEN WBT Sample Macro file. A generic WBT file launcher.
OPENALL WBM Sample Macro file. Opens Notepad filebox as *.*
DATETIME WBM Sample Macro file. Inserts date/time into notepad.

WEXPAND EXE File expander for manual installs (disk versions only)
WEXPAN1 EXE File expander overlay (disk versions only)



Use our WSETUP.EXE program, which will copy the files for you and install
a WINBATCH group in the program manager with various sample files.
To use our WSETUP.EXE program... (Manual install instructions below)

1) Close down all extraneous Windows applications.

2) Double-Click on the WSETUP.EXE program

3) When the setup program asks for a directory, specify initial
directory, or accept the given default (C:\WINBATCH).

NOTE: If you are updating from a previous version, and made any of the
WinBatch files READ-ONLY, remove the read-only attribute from
the files before running setup.
(Or else the setup process will hang)


The manual install is not actually recommended, but here is a little
information you may need if you insist on doing a manual install.

Any file ending with a underscore "_" MAY be a compressed file which needs
to be expanded with the provided WEXPAND.EXE program before use. (This is
mostly done with the disk based version of the product, not the ZipFile
version) E.G.

For the basic installation, all you have to do is get the following files
into a directory mentioned in your DOS path statement.

You will probably also want any file whose extension begins with W, as in

*** Please help us out ***

If you have received a regular licensed copy of WinBatch (what
we call the retail version), your 3.5" disk might contain a shareware
ZIP file of the latest version of WinBatch. If so, please help us spread
it around - upload it to your favorite local BBS, send it to your
company software librarian, or any other place where people who might
appreciate WinBatch might come across it. Thank you very much.

Please see the README2.TXT file for more information.

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