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PW-Launch lets you limit user's access to Program Mangager's FILE/RUN command but still allow a password protected RUN for system administrators.
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PW-Launch lets you limit user’s access to Program Mangager’s FILE/RUN command but still allow a password protected RUN for system administrators.
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Contents of the GOODSTUF.DOC file

Hearty Mosquito is dedicated to small, fast utilities that you can use in your
everyday computing. Programs for the DOS and OS/2 command lines, and small
single-purpose Windows programs. We are always looking for new programming
ideas. All we ask is that if you CAN use one of these products on a regular
basis, you send $10 to:

Hearty Mosquito Software
4216 29TH AVE S
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Hearty Mosquito wares are not public domain, but close.
If you have comments or suggestions on a Hearty Mosquito product, or wish to
show your appreciation with money, please write.

Other cool stuff from Hearty Mosquito, available on a fine BBS near you:
FREE Available for DOS and OS/2 Zipfile: FREEDOS1.ZIP

This program reports free space available on a drive, or group of drives.
It will exit with an errorlevel that corresponds to the number of free
megabytes on the LAST drive reported.

Thus, if:

42,661,888 bytes total on drive C:
8,058,880 bytes free.

FREE exits with errorlevel 7.
1 megabyte is 1024 bytes x 1024 so FREE exits with errorlevel 7, even though
the there are more than 8 million *bytes* free.
This makes FREE ideal for use in batch files with single drives that require
a specific amount of free disk space.

MOV Available for DOS and OS/2 Zipfile: MOVDOS12.ZIP

MOV moves files from one directory to another, and across drives.
Not the smallest. Probably not the fastest either, but faster than any of
the other file-move programs I've downloaded.

Before writing this program I had used a program called MV.EXE, written by
Bryan Higgins( 1802 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94703-1725), a great program
that worked well for years. The problem was that when told to move files
to another drive, it tried to spawn another program called CP.EXE and CP.EXE
wasn't included with the MV program. In setting out to write my own CP.EXE
program to compliment MV.EXE, I found that moving files around on the SAME
drive was trivial in comparison to moving them to OTHER drives, so I just
added the same-drive capability to MOV and said goodbye to MV.

Bitmap Shuffler for Windows Zipfile: SHUFFB10.ZIP

Put Bitmap Shuffler for Windows in your Startup folder and it gives you new
wallpaper every time you start Windows. It then sits as an icon in the corner
of the screen, ready to change your wallpaper with a single right-mousebutton
click. Not the most earth-shaking Windows utility you'll ever find, but you'll
use and appreciate it every day!

FC-MDOS and FC-OS2 for OS/2 Zipfile:FC10OS2.ZIP

For some reason, IBM declined or neglected to provide a File Compare program
for OS/2's command lines, the OS/2 system command line or OS/2's DOS command
There -is- a COMP command, but they are not the same.
Check your MS-DOS manual to see the differences between COMP and FC.

The MS-DOS version of FC checks the operating system version before running, and
the copy of FC.EXE that was included with your pre-OS/2 version of DOS.
will probably not run at an OS/2-DOS command line.
FCMP doesn't care what version of what OS you're running.

It may be convenient for you to rename FCMP.EXE to FC.EXE, if you are
accustomed to using the DOS FC command. The syntax is roughly the same.

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