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Upgrade your Windows logo to reflect your 3.11 upgrade.
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Upgrade your Windows logo to reflect your 3.11 upgrade.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

The enclosed file (VGALOGO.RLE) is used to update the logon screen in Microsoft Windows to reflect the 3.11 "upgrade" status (for those of you who have upgraded via the Microsoft WW0981.exe upgrade release). You must be running Windows in a VGA mode to use this file! It is intended to replace the current VGALOGO.RLE in your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory (or wherever you install your video drivers from).

In order for it to replace the old 3.1 startup screen, you must first rebuild WIN.COM (the file that starts Windows).

First, make a backup copy of WIN.COM and your current VGALOGO.RLE on a floppy or in a directory not in your path before starting.


1. Place this VGALOGO.RLE file in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.

2. Make sure you have CLOSED Windows. Type EXIT at the DOS prompt to be sure.

3. Change to the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory and type the following at the DOS prompt:


Note the spaces on both sides of the plus signs. Also note the /b switch. You MUST use it as you're working with binary files.

4. Copy the new WIN.COM to the WINDOWS directory

5. Type WIN, if you've done everything correctly you'll see you new 3.11 logo where the MS Windows 3.1 logo was when you start Windows.

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