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InfView 1.41 - Win Ascii/Hex/Text File Viewer. Now MDI - View multiple files of any size! Allows you to COMPARE multiple files. Also DEBUG, FILEFIND, GREP, Hot Keys, Font & Color, much more. The most powerful viewer. Only
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InfView 1.41 – Win Ascii/Hex/Text File Viewer. Now MDI – View multiple files of any size! Allows you to COMPARE multiple files. Also DEBUG, FILEFIND, GREP, Hot Keys, Font & Color, much more. The most powerful viewer. Only
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Contents of the README file

InfView v1.41 (01/12/94)

InfView is a general purpose Windows File Viewer allowing you to view
multiple files of ANY size in either ASCII, HEX, RAW ASCII or TEXT ONLY
mode. Unlike most other viewers, InfView reads the entire file into
memory (a snapshot!) so that if the file changes on disk, it will not
affect what you are viewing.

This version introduces Drag and Drop capabilities! Any program (such as File
Manager) can now drag files into InfView for display. Most viewers allow you
to drag a single file, InfView allows you to drag MULTIPLE files which will
can all be viewed, searched and compared!

InfView now has MDI multiple file view capability allowing you to view up to
25 files at once. Included with this are the following incredible features:
- Hot Keys that let you scroll all viewing windows concurrently.
- Character search to search all viewing windows for text.
- Options to set the maximum number of viewing windows from 1-25.
- Automatic horizontal or vertical tiling of multiple windows.
- Automatic recycling of old windows (when you reach the maximum
open windows, the next file you open will replace the oldest file
you are viewing).
- FILE COMPARE!! This feature allows you to Compare ALL FILES YOU
ARE VIEWING. You select your Original file and then the compare
will find any differences in any other viewing windows. Also has
a 'Continue Compare' feature to continue comparing from the point
the last difference was found.

The Disk/Network file and word search option has been expanded to allow you
to specify the Minimum or Maximum file size that a file has to be to be
selected as well as the minimum creation/modification date a file has to have!
For example: This would allow you to search your disk (or an entire Network)
for files that were Created/Modified today that are more than 450k in size...

There are also major corrections to the Font, Color and Redraw features of
InfView. The Line Hex Convert option in Ascii/Raw Ascii has been updated
to format up to 1k of converted data in a listbox.

There is also a new viewing mode: Extract Text Only. This mode reads a
file looking only for valid ascii characters which it displays. Great for
looking at the contents of Word,Write,WP,Excel,Quattro, etc...

Other Features include: Search capabilities:
- Single view or multiple view search
- Repeat last search
Formatted printing (ie: source code)
- Print in WSYWYG or Default
- Entire text or selected text
File Execution (directly or by association)
File identification
Clipboard functions
Line Translation to Hex
Simple HEX EDITING of files while in Hex mode
Disk/Network Search capabilities:
- Search for Files (using name/extension & wildcards)
- Search for Words within files (like GREP!)
- Scan a Directory for all files
- Load Previous or Next file from the search list
- Select files based on file size or file date!
Font and Color selection
Variable line length up to 1k!
Character translation and expansion (tabs,etc..)
Display of available memory.


To Install: From Program Manager Run A:SETUP
You will be asked to Confirm your SOURCE directory.
You will be asked to Confirm or change the Infview Destination
Decide on the optional Hex Editor feature.

InfView require 200k (that's it!) on your hard drive
and there are no memory or configuration requirements.

Note: If you install without using Setup you will be unable to use some
features of InfView.


Send $6.99 to

Dean Software Design
P.O. Box 2331
Everett, WA 98203-0331

Canadian/Mexican orders please add $0.50 for postage.
Orders from all other countries please add $1.50 for postage.

Please use the Registration form found under the "Registration Information"
menu option of InfView.

or; You can register on CompuServe's Shareware Registration Forum
(Go SWREG) Registration ID for InfView is 1414.

See registration agreement below for multiple copy and site license

Version History

Ver 1.41:
1. Added Drag 'n Drop feature. Lets another application drag MULTIPLE
files onto Infview for display.
2. Corrected Command Line to accept up to 9 file names, ie:
3. Fixed another repaint problem: when you reselected the last line of
several selected lines (single mouse click) the screen would not repaint.
4. Added code to release several memory objects (Fonts,Pens) that were
chewing up the heap.
5. Command Line can invoke a compare via the "\c" option, ie:
Note: the "\c" can be anywhere within the command line options.

Ver 1.40:
1. Changed to MDI application, you can now have multiple files viewed at
the same time (default 25). The following new menu functions have been
added to support multiple document viewing:
- Scroll All Down 1 Line.
- Scroll All Up 1 Line.
- Search All.
- Repeat Search All.
- Compare Files.
- Continue Compare.
In addition, options under Preferences have been added to support:
- Maximum File Views.
- Recycle Old Windows.
- Automatic Tiling.
2. Corrected bug that did not release Heap when you opened a new viewing
window, caused slow reads.
3. Character search corrected to work on lines with more than 256 char.
4. The Home and End keys now set the viewer to Column position 1.
5. Executing an open file does not close the Viewing Windows.
6. Changing colors will not cause the open file(s) to be re-read.
7. Font selection has been updated to store ALL the font attributes in a
single parameter line Font= in the INFORMER.INI file. This
solves the problem of Infview loading with the incorrect font.
8. The Prompt for Drives option was taken out of the Options menu and
placed into the Preferences Dialog.
9. The File/Word/Directory Disk Search routine now has selection options
to allow you to specify Maximum file size or Minimum file size or
Minimum Creation/Modification Date.
10. Addition of the Extract Text Only mode. Requested by users wanting to
get only the text out of WRITE/WORD/WP,etc.. files. This mode extracts
the text (Hex 32-127) characters out of file, ignoring everything else.
11. Added Contiguous Memory Available display to the About screen. Helps
determine maximum file size you can view without Swapping slowdowns.

Ver 1.37:
1. Ascii View of Binary files corrected to handle #0 (null) characters.
2. New View option -> Raw Ascii. Shows files exactly the way they look.
3. Hex Conversion in Ascii/Raw Ascii modes now builds a list box with
formatted Hex lines showing 16 Hex bytes per line with Ascii translation
of each line.
4. Added Preferences Menu option under 'Options' menu.
5. Added ability to specify line length under 'Preferences'. Line length
can be between 20 - 1024 bytes. Screen refreshes when this value changes.
6. Added option under 'Preferences' to select either printing through the
Print manager or Directly to a port.
7. Files that have a last line with no CR/LF will now display.
8. Added Color selection for 'Text','Background','Selected Text','Selected
Background' under Preferences. Currently colors are listed in drop down
box, plan to change it to color buttons or a color wheel. Default is to
'System' colors.
9. When you Minimize Infview to an Icon and then Exit InfView, the next
time InfView is invoked it will be restored to the last size and position
prior to minimizing.
10. Corrected Hex View so that 1st Hex pair is not flush against the Offset
position in certain fonts.
11. Correction to The Hex Editor so it will not give a Run time error 201 if
you attempted to put Hex values outside 0-F.
12. Added 'Expand Tabs' and 'Tab Length' fields to the Preferences dialog
under Options. When selected, InfView will expand Tabs (Hex 9) to the
number of spaces that you specified.

Ver. 1.36:
1. Remove duplicate lines on buffer boundary.
2. Network search updated to list network drives in order.

Ver. 1.35:
1. Text can now be selected in Forward and Reverse direction.
2. Direct Printing option added. This bypasses the Windows Print Manager
and spews data out the Open Port (Lpt1,2...). Form Feed is done between
multiple copies.
3. If you get a File load error you will no longer get a Run Time Error.
4. Options are loaded from INFORMER.INI in current directory if it exists,
otherwise it looks for INFORMER.INI in the Windows default directory.
5. When InfView is started and the OPEN FILE DIALOG is displayed, pressing
CANCEL will automatically load the last file that was viewed rather than
leaving a blank viewer.
6. InfView will now display single line files in Ascii mode. (no Cr/Lf).
7. The Status line now displays non-highlighted in the System Font,
regardless of the Viewer Font.
8. When you change viewing modes (Ascii/Hex) the viewer positions itself at
the offset of the selected line in the previous mode.
9. Hex viewing mode now shows the byte offset in the status line.
10. The Status Line can now be hidden/displayed by using a menu option
under 'Options'.
11. The Print Request now allows you to choose between using the WYSWYG Font
used in the viewer or the Default Printer Font.
12. The Font Weight/Italic/Underline settings are saved in the INFORMER.INI
and are set when InfView is loaded.
13. The scroll bar is refreshed when moving between applications on your

Ver. 1.31:
1. Correct bug with screen refresh, would not restore screen after
switching applications.
2. Correct bug with Hex Print columnization.
3. Correct bug with Hex File Save columnization.

Ver. 1.30:
1. Correct menu offset problem on Last 3 files.
2. New Drive Search function to find Files (like FILE FIND).
3. New Drive Search function to find Words within files (like GREP).
4. New Directory Listing function to list all files in the current directory.
5. Added NEXT and PREVIOUS search list option to load files from the search
list created from the above 3 functions.
6. Added Hot Keys for all of the above as well as F1 for Help.
7. Changed 'SHOW EDIT CHARS' to a single menu option with checkmark.
8. New Hex Editor (DEBUG) function to change Hex View of files and save them.
9. TrueType flicker reduction by only painting changed lines of the viewer.

Ver. 1.20:
1. Added ability to do Cut&Paste type operation to Copy selected text
to the Clipboard.
2. Removed 'Identify' menu option and replaced it with a 'Show Information'
sub-menu under 'Files'. Identifies files and shows File size & date.
3. Added 'Options' menu option and moved several 'View' options to it.
4. Added function to change the Font! Under the 'Options' menu you can
select the Font for the Viewer. Font name and size are saved in INI and
are used in subsequent sessions.
5. New 'Print Selected Text' dialog which will allow you to print text
which you have selected.
6. Corrected bug which failed display text on memory boundaries.
7. Last Directory you were in is stored in the INFORMER.INI and is used
during your next session for the 'File Open' dialog.
8. New 'Goto Line' option under 'Search menu'.
9. Search positions the line where text was found at the top of the
viewer window.

Ver. 1.10:
1. Correction to Hex routine to show final Hex characters of a file.
2. Print Request screen allows specific line range to be printed.
3. Many of the user options are saved in INFORMER.INI under INFVIEW
heading and are loaded the next time InfView is invoked.
4. List of file extensions and descriptions were moved from being hardcoded
to a dynamic list within the INFORMER.INI under EXTENSIONS heading.
5. The last 3 files viewed are saved and displayed under the FILES menu
option and can be loaded directly from the menu.
6. You can save a range of lines to a different file name in Ascii or Hex.
7. The REPEAT search menu option can be invoked using the F3 key.
8. Menu option was added to expose editing characters in the viewed file,
this includes CR,LF,TAB, etc...
9. Menu option was added to translate all non-visible characters to the
' ~ ' character for the viewed file.
10. The size and position of the InfView window is remembered between
viewing sessions so that it will be brought back in the same spot when
it is next invoked.
11. The File IDENTIFY menu identifies the type of file and also attempts to
determine if the file has any Windows associations on record.
12. InfView HELP was vastly expanded.
13. The Status line shows the Line Number and Starting offset of the line
that is currently highlighted.
14. All Print Request options are stored in INFORMER.INI under the PRINT
heading and are recalled each time Print is invoked. (also shared with
other applications).
15. In Ascii view mode, double clicking on a line in the viewer will display
the Hex translation of that particular line.
16. A Hex Translation Table was added to the Online Help for reference.

Ver 1.00
1. First Release...

Disclaimer - Registration Agreement

Users of InfView must accept this disclaimer of warranty:

"InfView is supplied as is. The author disclaims all warranties,
expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the warranties of
merchantability and of fitness for any purpose. The author assumes no
liability for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from
the use of InfView."

InfView is a "shareware program" and is provided at no charge to
the user for evaluation. Feel free to share it with your friends, but
please do not give it away altered or as part of another system. The
essence of "user-supported" software is to provide personal computer
users with quality software without high prices, and yet to provide
incentive for programmers to continue to develop new products. If you
find this program useful and find that you are using InfView and
continue to use InfView after a reasonable trial period, you must
make register it! The registration fee will license one copy for use
on any one computer at any one time.

Commercial users of InfView must register and pay for their copies
of InfView within 30 days of first use or their license is
withdrawn. Site-License arrangements may be made by contacting Dean
Software Design. In general, multiple copies of InfView can be
registered at the following rates:

1 - 10 copies: $ 6.99 per copy
11 - 20 copies: $ 65.00 + $6.50 per copy over 10
21 - 50 copies: $120.00 + $6.00 per copy over 20
51 - 100 copies: $275.00 + $5.50 per copy over 50
101+ copies: $500.00 (site license, unlimited)

Anyone distributing InfView for any kind of remuneration must
first contact Dean Software Design at the indicated address for
authorization. This authorization will be automatically granted to
distributors recognized by the (ASP) as adhering to its guidelines for
shareware distributors, and such distributors may begin offering InfView
immediately (However Dean Software Design must still be advised so that
the distributor can be kept up-to-date with the latest version of InfView).

You are encouraged to pass a copy of InfView along to your friends
for evaluation. Please encourage them to register their copy if they
find that they can use it.

All registers user receive free technical support for 90 days from
the date of registration. Also all registered users receive a free
upgrade to the next version of this program when that version becomes
available. To report bugs, receive help and bug fixes please send a
CompuServe message via CompuServe Mail to:

Dean Software Design

or, if you do not have access to CompuServe, write to us!

Definition Of Shareware

Shareware distribution gives users a chance to try software before
buying it. If you try a Shareware program and continue using it, you
are expected to register. Individual programs differ on details --
some request registration while others require it, some specify a
maximum trial period. With registration, you get anything from the
simple right to continue using the software to an updated program with
printed manual.

Copyright laws apply to both Shareware and commercial software, and
the copyright holder retains all rights, with a few specific
exceptions as stated below. Shareware authors are accomplished
programmers, just like commercial authors, and the programs are of
comparable quality. (In both cases, there are good programs and bad
ones!) The main difference is in the method of distribution. The
author specifically grants the right to copy and distribute the
software, either to all and sundry or to a specific group. For
example, some authors require written permission before a commercial
disk vendor may copy their Shareware.

Shareware is a distribution method, not a type of software. You should
find software that suits your needs and pocketbook, whether it's
commercial or Shareware. The Shareware system makes fitting your needs
easier, because you can try before you buy. And because the overhead
is low, prices are low also. Shareware has the ultimate money-back
guarantee - if you don't use the product, you don't pay for it.

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