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An interesting windows based unlimited grep facility. Opens multiple files.
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An interesting windows based unlimited grep facility. Opens multiple files.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

"GUL": Grep UnLimited

A Windows File Search-and-Browse Utility
Version 1.0

Shareware, by David Hovel
Registration fee: $20
CompuServe 76506,2261
16149 Redmond Way #225
Redmond, WA 98052-3874

GUL is a Windows MDI application which supports two kinds of documents:
files being viewed and groups of file names. MS-DOS, UNIX text files and
binary files can be viewed. Groups of file names can be created from
directories, by grepping, by file search or by logical operations on
existing groups. GUL allows you to create and run batch files based upon
the files in a group.


GUL contains the functionality similar to utilities such as "walk",
"where", "fgrep" and "grep", along with a powerful batch file
generation and execution capability.

Complete on-line, context-sensitive help provides full documentation
of all features and dialogs.

Grep through groups of files or entire directory trees using either
multiple string search ("fgrep") or regular expressions ("grep",
"regex"). Any file type can be searched using string search,
including EXEs, word processing documents, spreadsheets, etc.
Powerful regular expression syntax supports nested expressions,
repetition control, and line position syntax.

View a large number of text or binary files easily, based upon
Windows MDI operations. Text line length up to 300 characters;
two-dimensional scrolling. Mouse and keyboard control. String and
regular expression searching within text files.

File name groups can be created, manipulated, displayed and sorted
by file name, contents (search results), file creation date, file
attributes and size. Logical operations allowed on groups include
OR, AND and XOR.


Simply PKUNZIP the file GUL.ZIP into your Windows directory. Then
add GUL.EXE as a new item into a Program Manager group. (The files
can be located elsewhere; see the on-line help for details).

GUL.ZIP contains GUL.EXE, the executable; GUL.HLP, the Windows Help
file; GULRUN.PIF, the PIF which GUL uses to run batch files, and
GUL.INI, which controls the name and location of the PIF file and
the generated batch files.


GUL is "politeware". It does not prompt you for registration data,
nor is it crippled in any way. If you appreciate what GUL can do,
the help file contains details of how to register as a user and make
suggestions about future enhancements.

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