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UltraStore SCSI drivers for EISA machines.
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UltraStore SCSI drivers for EISA machines.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

ULTRAISA.386 is Windows 3.1 compatible VxD Driver which supports the 32 bit
disk IO mode or FastDisk. This driver should only be used in conjunction
with UltraStor ISA based controllers.

The benefits of this FastDisk driver are:

1. Supports Disk IO in the 386 CPU's Protected Mode
2. Uses 4KB Page Swapping for the Virtual Paging System
3. Supports the standard UltraStor Track Mapping Option

The UltraStor Models supported are:

1. ULTRA 12F AT ESDI Controller
2. ULTRA 12F-24 AT ESDI Controller
3. ULTRA 12C AT Caching ESDI Controller
4. ULTRA 15C AT Caching IDE Controller
5. ULTRA 15FM AT IDE Multi IO Controller
6. ULTRA 14F AT Bus Master SCSI Host Adapter (ISA Mode Only)
7. ULTRA 14N AT SCSI Host Adapter

This driver is installed after Windows 3.1 has been successfully
installed. Since Windows Setup program may detect the presence
of the ULTRA Track Mapping mode, there are three command lines
in the System.INI file need to be added.

1. If "SMARTDRV.EXE /double_buffer" was added to your Config.sys,
delete or remark out the entire statement; it is not needed.

2. If "VirtualHDIrq=False" was added to your System.INI file in
the 386ENH Section, change it to true or remark it out.

3. Add the following statements to the 386ENH Section of the
System.INI file:


4. In the [386ENH] section, Remark out (;), or remove the line:


5. Move the driver "ULTRAISA.386" to the Windows 3.1 root directory.

Reboot and enter Windows. Select the Control Icon from the Accessories
Icon Group. Select the 386 Enhanced Icon. Select the Virtual Button.
Select the Change Button. Mark the 32 Bit Disk Access Checkbox
at the bottom and make any changes the permanent swap as necessary.
Select ok and restart Windows.

When Windows starts, you will now be in 32bit mode.

For older versions of some controller BIOS, an upgrade of the BIOS may
be necessary. A message will be displayed suggesting to upgrade upon
installation of the driver, if it will be necessary. If the upgrade
is necessary, the driver will display the message and abort the

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