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Salvation for Windows 3.1. This is an extremely nice file manager and/or program manager replacement.
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Salvation for Windows 3.1. This is an extremely nice file manager and/or program manager replacement.
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README.TXT 2348 1108 deflated
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SALVEDIT.EXE 45968 17642 deflated
SALVEDIT.HLP 16039 7793 deflated
SALVLIB.EXE 31696 6004 deflated
SALVTION.BTS 31978 697 deflated
SALVTION.EXE 26080 7768 deflated
SALVTION.HLP 56513 27274 deflated
SETUP.EXE 11772 6953 deflated
STDFILE.DLL 33680 13223 deflated
SWITCHER.EXE 11952 4248 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file


Salvation is a comprehensive program and file manager that replaces both the
the File Manager and Program Manager as the "startup" shell.

You should have the following files included in SALVTION.ZIP:


Before setting up or running Salvation, we recommend that you create a seperate
subdirectory for Salvation. We recommend, "C:\SALVTION".

To set up Salvation for use with Microsoft Windows, run the SETUP.EXE program.
You may do this from the Program Manager. Select "Run" from the "File " menu
entry. On the command line, enter the directory where Salvation resides
followed by "SETUP.EXE". For example, if Salvation was in the directory called
"SALVTION", you would enter "C:\SALVTION\SETUP.EXE".

Setup computes a checksum of the executable files for Salvation. Setup verifies
that these files have not changed in content or in size. If you get a message
from Setup indicating that the length or content of a file has been altered,
please contact Vitesse, Inc. before running Salvation. The files may have been
tampered with. They may contain a virus or cause other destructive harm.

You may "uninstall" Salvation at any time be running the SETUP program. SETUP
automatically determines whether or not Salvation has already been set up.
SETUP then removes all of the set up information from WIN.INI and SYSTEM.INI.
You must remove the files for Salvation from the hard disk manually. Simply go
to the directory containing the files for Salvation and delete each file listed

Be sure that you run the SETUP program from the same directory containing the
files for Salvation. SETUP uses the directory information to set up Salvation.
Running SETUP from any other directory may result in an incorrect set up.

We hope that you find Salvation easy to use and useful to your everyday
computing purposes. If you have any questions about Salvation, please contact
our Technical Support department at: 818-813-1278. Please have the version
number available (1.15), and be at your computer if possible.

Thanks for trying this Vitesse, Inc. product.

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