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Dinosaur screen saver -- shreds screen.
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Dinosaur screen saver — shreds screen.
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Contents of the README.TXT file


This is a module from the DINOSAVER screen saver. It is run using
the Windows desktop screensaver accessed from the Control Panel. A
Dinosaur runs across your screen and repeatedly leaps up, claws the
screen, and slides down, leaving a "rip" that eventually clears the
screen. Included are:

README.TXT - This file containing description and installation
DINOSHRD.SCR - Windows compatible screensaver.


This software may be distributed under the following conditions:
1. This file (READ.ME) is included.
2. It is distributed freely.


In order to run the DEMO DINOSAVER module you need to copy it
into the Windows directory and tell Windows to use it.

Copy the file DINOSHRD.SCR into the Windows directory on your hard disk.
For example, if you copied the file onto a 3.5" diskette drive, and this
is B: on your computer, then you would type:

"Copy B:\DINOSHRD.SCR C:\windows\*.*"

Next you need to tell Windows to run it. From the Control
Panel, double click on the Desktop Icon. When the Dialog box
appears, select "Dino Shred" from the list of screen savers.
This is done by moving down to the screen saver section and
clicking on the down arrow on the right side of the "Name"
list box. Once the list appears move the cursor to "Dino Shred"
and click on it. The Setup button allows you to turn on sound
(if you are using the PC speaker driver or sound board card) or
allows you to set how frequently the dinosaur leaps (Seldom,
Occasionally, or Often)


Take an expedition to the Mesozoic Era with DINOSAVER. Your
screen will be protected from phosphor burn-in by a massive
Brontosaurus who crushes your windows, by a ravenous T-Rex who
chases and devours your Icons, by a fearsome Triceratops who
attacks it, or by a Deinonychus who viciously shreds it. You will
also encounter apprehensive Struthiomimus eluding a frightful
Tyrannosaurus, a peaceful Brachiosaurus herd dining upon lush
vegetation, and Mesozoic sportsmen captured in their favorite
sports settings. Included are many other fun modules that
entertain and educate while protecting your monitor.

DINOSAVER includes user-configurable modules complete with
sound effects and on-line help plus two interactive modules: Dino
Trivia and Dino Engineering.

Dino Trivia satisfies your appetite for dinosaur facts by
providing over 1,000 challenging multiple-choice questions.
In the non-interactive mode, questions and answers are
automatically displayed for you. In the interactive mode the
computer measures your performance as you answer the

Dino Engineering allows you to measure your genetic
engineering skills by combining color-coded DNA strands into
fascinating new dinosaurs. The outcome of your engineering
is automatically displayed and the dinosaur's chance for
survival is assessed.

DINOSAVER's modules are accessed through an intuitive graphical
user interface. The main control panel provides a variety of
functions that allow you to customize your copy:

Help: The on-line help system provides you with the
information you'll need to enjoy DINOSAVER.

Modules: DINOSAVER's modules are selected by clicking on
the desired title. The behavior of the selected module can
then by customized through the Setup button. Once
configured, the Demo button can be used to preview the
screen saver.

Run Multiple Modules: DINOSAVER supports "Module Switching".
That is, when the screen saver activates, DINOSAVER can run one
module for a while and then switch to another and so on. You can
set the time that each module will run.

Password Protection: DINOSAVER can protect your system from
unwanted visitors by requiring a password to be entered
before returning control to Windows.

Security Log: It also maintains a security log that will
allow you to determine if someone shutdown your system in
order to defeat the password protection.

Screen Control Corners: DINOSAVER's control corners allow
you to activate it immediately or to prevent it from running
at all.

Delay Time: DINOSAVER monitors the activity of your mouse
and keyboard. When it detects inactivity over a specified
period of time, the selected screen saver module(s) is

DINOSAVER System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 3.1
2 MB RAM, 4 MB recommended
SVGA, 256 color recommended
80386sx (or higher)
5.25 MB of disk space

License Agreement

This agreement is between you, the end user and Fiore Industries Inc.
The copying of Demonstration Module constitutes the commencement of a
contract in which you are agreeing to use this software only upon the
terms and conditions set forth herein. This license agreement supersedes
any prior license agreement between you and Fiore Industries Inc.

Grant of License: Fiore Industries grants you the right to use, and copy,
the Demonstration module free of charge.

Copyright: DINOSAVER and the Demonstration module are owned by Fiore
Industries and are protected by United States copyright laws. You are
however, allowed to make copies of this Demonstration Module. You may NOT
use, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, create a derivative
work or copy the Demonstration Module except as stated in this agreement.

Restrictions: You may not rent, lease, or sell the DINOSAVER Demonstration

Limited Warranty: This software is supplied "AS IS". The warranty granted
herein is in lieu of any other warranties expressed or implied, including
the implied warranty of merchantability and the implied warranty of fitness
for a particular purpose. Fiore Industries, and its suppliers, will NOT be
liable for any damages whatsoever including, but not limited to loss of
business or to any incidental or consequential damages. Irrespective of the
foregoing, you should consult local law for any warranty that may apply to

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of New Mexico.
Should you have any questions, please write or call:

Fiore Industries, Inc.
Commercial Software Services
1009 Bradbury Drive SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
Email: [email protected]

(505) 272-7555

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