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On screen pixel ruler for use in Windows 3. Requires BWCC.DLL to run.
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On screen pixel ruler for use in Windows 3. Requires BWCC.DLL to run.
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Contents of the RULER.DOC file

September 15, 1992 Hamburg, Germany

About the program:
With this small program you have a ruler on your desktop that shows you
pixels. I wrote this program after have the need at resource-design to
look on two resources at the same time and compare positions/widths.
I use my real ruler on the screen and think why not having a program
that does the same. Voila here it is ! It can be used vertical and
horizontal. The numbers on the ruler show you pixel. And is it ever
on top of the desktop. You need Windows 3.1 and the BWCC.DLL for it !

If you want the source of the program please contact me for a
price for it (isnt so much !).

If you have some additional questions or suggestions about the program
you can reach me under following addresses ( I prefer E-Mail ):

Stefan Boether E-Mail: CompuServe 100023,275
Methfesselstr. 38 FidoNet 2:242/200 or 2:243/91
W-2000 Hamburg 20 Internet [email protected]
= West-Germany = Maus-Net Stefan Bther @ HRO

If you need a programer for TPW/OWL or TP/TV please contact me also
for an offer !

And last not but least my sign. If you see it anywhere you know that
I was there.

- Mfg Stefc -

Copyright notice:
The copyright of the program lays by myself, portions are copyright by
Borland Int. and MicroSoft-cooperation ! I allow you to copy this program
to your friends and into networks ! I release it to the Public-Domain.

P.S. Many thanks to the people at the CompuServe BPROGA and BORGMBH Forum.
Without them this programm doesn't exists at this time !

Some advertising for myself:

If you need a Pascal programer for projects that can be give away to
third-party developers. And you need also a programer how knows much
about OOP-Programing in Pascal and the libarys behinds them like OWL
and Turbo-Vision ask me for a offer. If you want programs that should
have similar user interfaces as this program or only need a little
object, a windows list, etc. ask me also. And remember that the question
don't cost anything ! And you can be sure to get an answer from me.

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