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Windows 3.0 version of Land Mine Game.
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Windows 3.0 version of Land Mine Game.
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Contents of the MINES.WRI file

1h - -Mines
Mines - The Minefield Game for Windows 3.0

1. Object

The object of MINES is to find a path through a minefield and try and reach the bottom right corner of the window. You start in the top left hand corner, and are shown all the squares around you which contain no mines. Within each known square there may be a number, which is the number of mines adjacent to the square. If there are none, the square is left blank.

Using this information you must decide which sqares are safe and which are not. You can mark any of the unknown squares (by using the right mouse button) as:-

Might contain a mine.

Might be OK.

Not sure either way.

You may stand on any of the known squares (by pointing to it and pressing the left mouse button). To move onto an unknown square you must first be standing on a square adjacent to it. If you have marked the unknown square as possibly containing a mine, then the game won't let you move into that square.

The game ends when either you accidentally stand on a MINE, or you find a path to the bottom right corner. Thats all there is to it!

The game is made more difficult by increasing the number of mines in the minefield. You can have any number of mines from 30 (fairly easy) to 160 (almost impossible). Each minefield that is generated CAN be solved (somehow)!

3. Disclaimer

This program is distributed as-is. The author accepts no responsibilty for any time/work lost whilst playing this game. Enjoy!!

By:Ian Heath Janet: [email protected]
Bitnet: [email protected]

Media Lab,
Depatment of Electronics & Computer Science,
University of Southampton,
wrnifa][email protected] hn&hjhfhb]fZfUfQgMgIiffddBaDaaaaaaa-a/aba<<<
g AvantGarde0Courier

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