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Another UNZIPPER for Windows 3.X. Nice interface.
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Another UNZIPPER for Windows 3.X. Nice interface.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

W i n U n z i p

Version 3.0a

Copyright 1991, 1992 by

Mickey Coulter
3423 Fountain Circle
Montgomery, AL 36116
Phone: (205) 279-8498
CompuServe: 76317,242


1. What is WinUnzip?
2. Setup and system requirements
3. Tips
4. Registering via CompuServe
5. Changes in version 3.0a

1. What is WinUnzip?

WinUnzip is utility program whose one purpose is to extract files that
were ZIPed with PKZIP version 1.1 or earlier. What sets WinUnzip apart
from other such utilities is that it DOES NOT REQUIRE an external DOS
unzip utility. WinUnzip does everything from within MS Windows; no drop-
ping to DOS!

2. Setup and System Requirements

WinUnzip requires Windows 3.1 operating in Standard or Enhanced mode.

2a. Distributed Files

WINUNZIP.EXE -- The main program file.
WINUNZIP.HLP -- The help file.
BWCC.DLL -- Utility file used to give WinUnzip its chisled steel
gray look. Copyright Borland International.
README.TXT -- This file.

To set up WinUnzip, simply copy WINUNZIP.EXE and WINUNZIP.HLP to a
directory of your choosing. Then copy BWCC.DLL to \windows\system sub-
directory (or your equivalent).

To use the "Try It" feature of WinUnzip the MS Windows system file
DDEML.DLL must be available. DDEML.DLL comes with Windows 3.1 and has
been distributed with other programs as well.

3. Tips and Suggestions

First of all, make sure you associate the file extension ".ZIP" with
WinUnzip in your WIN.INI file under [EXTENSIONS]. This way when you
double-click on a ZIP file WinUnzip will run automatically displaying
the contents of the ZIP file.

If you do the above, not only can you use File Manager to start Win-
Unzip with a double-click, but you can take that idea a step further.
If there is a ZIP file within the ZIP file you are viewing then double-
clicking on THAT file in the WinUnzip display with run another copy
of WinUnzip displaying the contents of that ZIP file. From here you can
double-click on one of those files to view it!

The "Try It" feature will extract all files to a temporary sub directory
then automatically create a new group in Program Manager called Try It.
Inside this group will be the files from the ZIP file. Please note that
this is a TEMPORARY group. The group, along with the extracted files in
the temporary sub directory will be erased when 1) you exit WinUnzip, or
2) you use the Try It feature on another ZIP file.

WinUnzip uses temporary subdirectories for safety reasons when using the
view and Try It features. These subdirectories are V$U$E$ and T$R$Y$
respectively. These should exist only while WinUnzip is running. If after
exiting from WinUnzip you find one of these subdirectories you may
delete it yourself.

You may view only one file at a time per ZIP file. It is possible to
bring WinUnzip back up and try to view a 2nd file while still viewing
the 1st. You will get an error message in this reguard and may confuse

4. Registering via CompuServe

It is now possible to register WinUnzip through CompuServe. At the !
prompt simply type GO SWREG. When prompted use registration ID 169.
Thank you in advance for registering WinUnzip!

5. Changes in version 3.0a

The biggest change is a bug fix to handle the banner/comment section that
some ZIP files may contain. This bug caused the program to produce a GPF

Fixed bug that produced an error when calling help from the Options dialogbox.

There were several requests to allow WinUnzip to save the specified target
directory. This has now been included. You'll find an extra check box on the
option dialog box. Simply check it and specify the target directory you wish.
This is handy for those of you who always unzip files to a certain directory.
Thanks to those who suggested it.

The help file was updated and a small formatting problem corrected.

Above all, thank you to those of you who have registered and suggested

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