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A good game of Yahtzee for Windows 3.0.
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A good game of Yahtzee for Windows 3.0.
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Contents of the YACHT.TXT file

Windows Yacht

GAME RULES: The object of Windows Yacht is to reach the highest possible
point score by rolling and scoring dice.

A game of Yacht consists of thirteen turns, with up to three
rolls of the dice allowed for each turn. At the end of each
turn a score that has not already been used must be chosen
and scored for the current dice.

After any of the three rolls of a turn, a score can be chosen
for the current dice, ending the turn. The different types
of scores, and how their points are computed are:

Ones.............. sum of all dice equal to one

Twos.............. sum of all dice equal to two

Threes............ sum of all dice equal to three

Fours............. sum of all dice equal to four

Fives............. sum of all dice equal to five

Sixes............. sum of all dice equal to six

Three of a kind... sum of all dice -- three of the dice
must be equal
Four of a kind.... sum of all dice -- four of the dice
must be equal
Full House........ 25 points -- three dice must be equal,
and the remaining two dice must be equal
Small Straight.... 30 points -- four dice must be in
sequence, arranged in any order
Large Straight.... 40 points -- five dice must be in
sequence, arranged in any order
Yacht............. 50 points -- all five dice must be equal

Chance............ sum of all dice

At the end of the game, the total of all scores gives the final

score. If the total of all the scores on the left side of the
score card (Ones through Sixes) is greater than or equal to 63
points, an additional 35 point bonus is added.

GAME PLAY: A new game begins by rolling the dice. To score the dice,
click on a score item. When the desired score is found, press
the Score button, the turn ends, and all the dice roll for the
next turn.

After the first and second rolls, some or all of the dice may
be rolled again. To roll the dice, click on the desired dice
to roll and press the Roll button. After the third roll of a
turn, a score must be selected.

For non-mouse users, the keyboard may also be used. Use the
key to move between the dice, scores, and the Roll/Score
button. Use the arrow keys to move from die to die, or from
score to score. Use the to select and deselect
dice and scores. Finally, use the key to press the
Roll/Score button.

SHAREWARE: Windows Yacht is shareware. It may be freely uploaded to BBSes,
provided it includes both YACHT.EXE and YACHT.TXT. Windows
Yacht may not be sold.

To register Windows Yacht, and receive a free upgrade (which will
include high score record keeping), send $10.00 and desired disk
size to Frank Bielsik, 7818 Margaret Court, Anaheim, CA 92808.

COMMENTS: Please send any suggestions/questions/comments to Frank Bielsik
at CIS: 73577,27 or Internet: [email protected]

(c) 1990 Mallard Software.

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