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Actor code to emulate the "tims example" that comes with dbvista dbms.
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Actor code to emulate the “tims example” that comes with dbvista dbms.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
READ.ME 1447 702 deflated
RES 0 0 stored
ACTOR.RC 38164 8124 deflated
TIMS.ICO 766 125 deflated
TIMSRES.H 3970 768 deflated
TIMS 0 0 stored
TIMS.LOD 579 212 deflated
ACTWIN.H 36560 9098 deflated
ATIMSRES.H 3939 761 deflated
AUTHORDL.CLS 1089 534 deflated
AUTHOROB.CLS 763 354 deflated
BORROWDL.CLS 2666 873 deflated
BORROWOB.CLS 642 269 deflated
DELETEDL.CLS 2802 934 deflated
INFOOBJ.CLS 1066 367 deflated
INSERTDL.CLS 5872 1391 deflated
INTERSEC.CLS 828 378 deflated
KEYWORDD.CLS 1037 523 deflated
KEYWORDO.CLS 516 286 deflated
LOANDLG.CLS 3412 991 deflated
RETURNDL.CLS 2970 918 deflated
TEXTOBJ.CLS 313 189 deflated
TIMS.H 1421 550 deflated
TIMSAPP.CLS 593 270 deflated
TIMSDIAL.CLS 627 344 deflated
TIMSPPAP.CLS 467 234 deflated
TIMSWIND.CLS 3646 1211 deflated
VIEWINFO.CLS 3829 1077 deflated
VPP 0 0 stored
VPP.LOD 512 198 deflated
ACTVISTA.H 5387 1906 deflated
DBADDR.CLS 617 249 deflated
DBARRAY.CLS 780 347 deflated
DIRECTOB.CLS 582 221 deflated
KEYEDOBJ.CLS 1189 307 deflated
OWNEDOBJ.CLS 1690 408 deflated
SYSOBJ.CLS 266 182 deflated
VISTADB.CLS 6302 1144 deflated
VISTAOBJ.CLS 4910 992 deflated
VISTAPP.CLS 2544 858 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

I believe that I have set this up so that it will run perfectly when you
follow the instructions that I am about to give you. The files should have
been put in the proper place by unzipping the archive file. Because I have
not figured out how to get actor to look in the path for the DLL, the
example has the vista.dll hardcoded into \actor\vpp. To change this you
would need to make one change to vistapp.cls and one to vistadb.cls. The
database is currently hardcoded into \actor\tims. To change this you would
need to make two changes to vistapp.cls.

To get this up and running, make a backup copy of your actor.exe and copy
actor.exe into the res subdirectory. Then run "rc actor". This will set up
an actor.exe that has the resources needed to run TIMS. Next start up Actor
and load "vpp.lod" and "tims.lod". (Of course you must remember to type
"load()" after each one. This will load in the class library and then the
tims code respectfully. To get it to run type these lines.

Sam := new(TimsPPApp);
init(Sam, nil);

Sam will probably need to be declared as a global variable so don't be
worried by the warning message. Just click OK.

Good luck. If you have any questions call me at (206) 562-2622.

Jay Edgar
Technical Operations,
Raima Corporation

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