Dec 082017
Several more icons for Windows 3.0.
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Several more icons for Windows 3.0.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BJ2.ICO 766 168 deflated
CPROMPT.ICO 766 190 deflated
DA.ICO 766 169 deflated
MOREICO.TXT 432 277 deflated
MSTOCK.ICO 766 220 deflated
PC2.ICO 766 147 deflated
TAXCUT.ICO 766 136 deflated
WP50.ICO 766 171 deflated
XL.ICO 766 151 deflated

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Contents of the MOREICO.TXT file

This files contains several icons created with Icondraw. Several of them are previous uploads that have been modified to fit in with the desktop "look" (mostly added shadows)- ProComm Plus, WP 5.0, a C-Prompt, MetaStock Professional. Several new ones include a BlackJack icon, probably appropriate for most card games, a Citibank logo for Citibank Direct Access, an icon for MECA's TaxCut, and a B&W Excel icon with shadow added.

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