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More screen savers for Screen Peace for Windows 3.0.
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More screen savers for Screen Peace for Windows 3.0.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AQUARIUM.SPX 54352 12777 deflated
CONTENTS.DOC 1502 786 deflated
EYES.SPX 6112 3219 deflated
FADE.SPX 1776 1107 deflated
FIRE.SPX 4976 2996 deflated
FLASH.SPX 3584 2128 deflated
KLOK.SPX 8864 5408 deflated
PUZZLE.SPX 3040 1805 deflated
SPACE.SPX 3024 1967 deflated
SPHERES.SPX 8352 5306 deflated
WALL.SPX 2256 1348 deflated

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Contents of the CONTENTS.DOC file

John Ridges' extension package for the "Screen Peace" screen saver.

Version 1.2


AQUARIUM.SPX - Aquarium simulation.

EYES.SPX - Silly bouncing "eyecons" that watch each other.

FADE.SPX - A slow fade to black.

FIRE.SPX - Fireworks simulation.

FLASH.SPX - "Flashlight" spot that roams around the screen.

KLOK.SPX - Roaming analog clock.

PUZZLE.SPX - Moves the screen around like a tile puzzle.

SPHERES.SPX - Spheres of different colors and sizes that fill the screen.

SPACE.SPX - "Travelling through space" simulation.

WALL.SPX - Generates "wallpaper" on the screen.

Changes since version 1.1:

All screen savers are now compatible with Screen Peace version 1.2.
The PUZZLE screen saver has been added to the package.

Changes since version 1.0:

All screen savers have been made smaller (some to nearly half their
original size). Several have had minor cosmetic improvements. The CLOCK
screen saver has been renamed to KLOK to avoid conflicts with the clock
program that comes with Windows 3.0. PLEASE DELETE ANY OLD COPIES OF

The screen savers are "FreeWare" and may be used without payment, but
if you want to contribute, send a few extra dollars to Anthony Andersen
(the author of Screen Peace) to give to charity.

There is no warranty either expressed or implied. Use the screen savers
at your own risk.

You can contact the author, John Ridges, at Compuserve 72000,2057.

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