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Very nice Fortune cookie game for Windows.
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Very nice Fortune cookie game for Windows.
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Fortune cookie programs have been around a long time, I used
one on a large mini during the late 70's. Every time I logged in
it would display a fortune. When I moved over to a supermicro
that ran UN*X, it also had a fortune cookie program. There are
several fortune cookie programs available for the PC, most of
them are text based. This version of fortune cookie works with
Microsoft(tm) Windows version 2.xx. We wrote FORTUNE Cookie to
test some general-purpose dynamic text drawing routines for
another product we will release shortly.

Every 60 seconds (default, user definable) a new fortune is
displayed. FORTUNE Cookie randomizes the initial entry point
into the file, it will then sequentially process the file until
an END-OF-FILE is encountered and then starts the whole process
over again.

The fortune cookie file (FORTUNE.DAT) is from public domain
and contained some offensive fortunes. Instead of removing the
offensive ones, I added a switch to select the type of fortune to
display. The default is to show non-offensive ones only, you can
select the type you want to see.


Copy the files FORTUNE.EXE and FORTUNE.DAT to the windows
directory. When FORTUNE.EXE is executed it looks for FORTUNE.DAT
in the current directory. If you get an error (code: 2) at
start-up, FORTUNE.EXE could not find the FORTUNE.DAT file.


We have tested FORTUNE.EXE on several systems and graphics
devices. It is known to work on CGA, EGA, and VGA. The
FORTUNE.DAT file is around 80K and you will need enough disk
space for this file.


This was our first Window Application, the FORTUNE Cookie
program is one of many that we will be releasing (funding
permitted). Send us a contribution so we can register you for
sneak previews of other Window Applications that we are
developing. If you would like more information or would like to
send us a contribution, write to:

Quartex, Inc.
1132 South Rangeline Road
Suite 100
Carmel, Indiana 46032

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