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Windows 3.0 utility that will provide side by side file comparisons.
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Windows 3.0 utility that will provide side by side file comparisons.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

This is version 1.03 of Match, a text file comparison program for Windows and DOS.
This version completely replaces the previous alpha release of Match. A help file
is included with the program which should tell you what you need to know to run
this verison of the program.

Match also includes as its DOS stub ("This program requires Microsoft Windows" in most
programs) a DOS-level version of match. The DOS version is run with the command line

match pathname1 pathname2

where the two pathnames are the files to be compared. Run from DOS like this, Match
will write a listing of the differences between the two files to standard output. The
listing is formatted for a 132-column printer.

Known deficiencies in the Windows version are these:

1.The horizontal scroll bars don't do anything.

2.You can't yet change the defaults for maximum line length (1K bytes) or number
of lines which must be identical for the program to decide it's found the extent
of a change/insertion (3 lines).

Finally, I've only my own system to test the program on, so if (when?) you find bugs,
please send me a description of the problem, the system you're running on, the amount
of FREE memory (e.g., program manager about box), the Windows mode, and (most important)
the two files you're comparing (assuming there's nothing private in them). I'll do my
best to solve the problem and get back to you.

Match is freeware, but is copyright 1991 by Barry Press. You may use and distribute it
freely as long as you do so without modification, but may not sell or distribute it for
profit. No warranty is expressed or implied, and the author will bear no responsibility
for damages of any kind in the event of malfunction.

Barry Press
Internet: [email protected]
CIS: 72467,2353

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