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A very good Windows 3.1 football game. Version 1.1.

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Football for Windows! v 1.1

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A very good Windows 3.1 football game. Version 1.1.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BALLHELP.HLP 150665 36382 deflated
CHNGADDR.TXT 1073 296 deflated
DESC.SDI 29 29 stored
FILE_ID.DIZ 29 29 stored
FOOTBALL.EXE 376336 55603 deflated
FOOTBALL.INI 335 166 deflated
LOGTILE2.BMP 1126 258 deflated
README.TXT 2818 1227 deflated
REGISTER.TXT 1778 689 deflated
TSOFLOG2.BMP 918 180 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Football for Windows! v 1.1
To install Football for Windows 1.1, copy all files to a directory
on your hard disk. A list of the files is shown below. They are:

FOOTBALL.EXE the windows executable file
BALLHELP.HLP the windows help file
FOOTBALL.INI the initialization file
LOGTILE2.BMP a bitmap that can be tiled as a background
TSOFLOG2.BMP a bitmap that can be tiled as a background
REGISTER.TXT An ASCII text registration form
CHNGADDR.TXT An ASCII text change of address form
README.TXT This file

Remember to keep a copy of WFBALL11.ZIP for backup purposes.

The easiest way to put FOOTBALL.EXE in to your Program Manager
is by opening Windows' File Manager and Program Manager at the
same time, with one on one side of the screen and one on the other.
Then highlight FOOTBALL.EXE by pressing the left mouse button.
While still holding the left mouse button down, "drag" FOOTBALL.EXE
onto the spot in Program Manager where you want it stored. Then
release the left mouse button and the icon for Football for Windows
will be displayed. The game can now be played by double-clicking
on the new icon.

The two files LOGTILE2.BMP and TSOFLOG2.BMP are bitmaps that can
be tiled as Windows backgrounds. They should be stored in the same
directory as your other background bitmaps. However, they are not
required for playing the game, so they may be deleted.

The file REGISTER.TXT is an ASCII text file that can be printed
and completed to register this copy of Football for Windows. The
file can be printed using your favorite word processor or by typing
TYPE REGISTER.TXT > PRN and hitting RETURN from a DOS prompt if
you have a dot matrix printer. If you register this version of
Football for Windows, you will receive a copy of the latest version
of the game (with several dialog boxes removed) and your name will
be entered into our database so you can be notified when new
versions are released. Another text file, CHNGADDR.TXT can be used
to notify us if you move. The two above mentioned TXT files files
are not essential to the play of the game so they can be deleted
when you are finished with them.

FOOTBALL should be stored in its own subdirectory. However, it can
be stored anywhere. It does not have to be stored in you path. The
initialization file MUST be stored in the Football for Windows
startup directory or in your path. The program should work without
the initialization file, but games and matches cannot be stored or

If you have any questions or comments about Football for Windows,
write to:

#9 Brittany Ln.
Odessa, Texas 79761

Please see the Shareware section of the Windows Help file for
additional information.

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