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Windows Rolodex program.
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Windows Rolodex program.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
GLDATES.DBF 919 201 deflated
GLDATES.MDX 10240 410 deflated
GLDIALER.DBF 223 90 deflated
GLDIALER.MDX 6144 341 deflated
QEVBDBF.VBX 379696 169289 deflated
QEX.INI 61 61 stored
README.TXT 642 408 deflated
ROLOAPPT.DBF 494 204 deflated
ROLOAPPT.MDX 6144 291 deflated
ROLODX3D.DBF 2553 496 deflated
ROLODX3D.DBT 2563 1310 deflated
ROLODX3D.EXE 360536 82093 deflated
ROLODX3D.LOG 68 68 stored
ROLODX3D.MDX 22528 753 deflated
ROLODX3D.WRI 63744 10517 deflated
SS3D.VBX 49504 18687 deflated
SS3D2.VBX 89408 36808 deflated
SS3D3.VBX 31344 15949 deflated
VBCOMM.VBX 9296 4096 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Thank You for your interest in Rolodex 3D.

After UnZipping ROLODX3D.ZIP The Following Files *MUST* be put in the
Windows Directory...


The *.dbf and *.mdx MUST be in the same directory where the main program
file (glrolodx.exe) is located. The easiest approach is to unzip all the
files into the Windows Directory.

Please refer to ROLODX3D.WRI for further information.

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have to make
this a better program.

Thank You
Gene Lucio

P.O.Box 11081
Las Vegas, NV 89111-1081
(702) 367-0326

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