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Individual PGA golf handicapper, runs under Windows 3.0.
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Individual PGA golf handicapper, runs under Windows 3.0.
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Contents of the SCOREKPR.DOC file

This is the Personal version of Scorekeeper. The Club
version is intended for golf clubs which compute and maintain
USGA Handicap Indexes in compliance with the USGA Handicap
System. In addition to the features available in the Personal
version, the Club version provides for multiple players,
printouts of data, built-in temporary Slope rating tables, and
implementation of the 1992 USGA provision for reduction of the
Handicap Index for exceptional tournament performance. Write to
the author if you are interested in obtaining the Club version.

A description of the Personal version follows.

Scorekeeper provides a means of keeping a record of each of
your golf rounds as well as course information. Lists of scores
and courses can be displayed. 9 and 18 hole handicaps are
calculated according to the USGA Handicap System. These
handicaps cannot be considered USGA handicaps, however, since
only authorized amateur golf associations and golf clubs can
issue USGA Handicap Indexes. Equitable Stroke Control
adjustments are made automatically for all scores entered hole by
hole. The adjusted score for each round is shown when scores are
listed. Your current handicap as well as a graphical plot of
your handicap for the last year can be displayed. A list of
handicaps at each revision interval can also be shown. A
starting date for handicap computation and update intervals of
either 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, or monthly can be selected.
Your Course Handicap, based on your current handicap, is also
shown for each course when courses are listed.

Statistics can also be displayed. These include stroke
averages and the number of birdies, pars, bogies, etc. for par
3's, 4's, and 5's as well as percentages of each type score for
all rounds.

Scorekeeper requires Windows 3.0 running in standard or 386
enhanced mode. To begin using Scorekeeper, copy all of the
unzipped files to a single sub-directory. The Visual Basic
runtime library (vbrun100.dll) can be in another sub-directory if
that sub-directory is pointed to by your path statement. You can
then run Scorekeeper by executing scorekpr.exe from the File
Manager or by installing it to a Program Group on the Program
Manager desktop.

After starting the program, you should first select Dates
under the Configuration heading. The start date should be set to
a convenient date which is earlier than the date of the first
score you will enter. The interval you select here will
determine the rate at which handicap updates will be done. You
can also enter the Player Data now. If you have a USGA handicap
and/or a 9 hole USGA type handicap which was established before
the date of the first score you will enter, please enter the
appropriate numbers in the boxes provided. If there are no
established handicaps prior to the first score date to be
entered, make sure the boxes are empty and click on OK. The
program will automatically enter the default maximum values (36.4
and 18.2 for men and 40.4 and 20.2 for women).

You are now ready to begin entering data. You must first
enter data for at least one course. Select Courses under the
Enter Data heading and fill in the boxes. In general, if the
cursor is not in the box in which you want to enter data, click
on the box with the mouse. The arrow keys will also move the
cursor when entering pars. The cursor will automatically move
when entering pars. You do not need to press return. Fill in
all the data if you can. You must enter pars for all holes and
either the course rating or yardage must be supplied in order for
the course data to be accepted. A temporary course rating, based
on yardage, will be calculated by the program if the course
rating is not supplied. If the Slope rating is not supplied, a
default value of 113 will automatically be entered by the
program. If the data to be entered is for a nine hole course,
check the 9 hole box. Duplicate pars for holes 10-18 will be
entered automatically. Enter the course rating and/or yardage
based on 18 holes (double the 9 hole yardage or rating).

After data for at least one course is entered, you may begin
entering your scores. Click on Scores under the Enter Data
heading. You will be presented with a course selection box.
After selecting a course, A score entry screen will be
displayed. You must enter a valid date. Before entering your
score, click on 18 hole, front 9, or back 9, if the current
selection is not correct . Enter the scores hole by hole if you
have the data. Again, the cursor will move automatically as you
enter scores for each hole. The one exception occurs when a 1 is
entered. If you were fortunate enough to have scored a hole-in-
one, press return after entering the 1. If you are entering a
score over 10, just type the second digit. Statistics can be
calculated and automatic equitable stroke control adjustments
will be made on scores entered in this way. If you have only
your adjusted and gross score for a round, this data may be
entered by clicking on the Enter Totals box. An adjusted score
must then be entered. The gross score is assumed to be the same
as the adjusted score if one is not entered. Scores entered in
this manner will be used in handicap calculations.

A list of scores entered may be seen by selecting Scores
under Show Data. The date, gross score, adjusted score, and net
score (gross score - Course Handicap) will be listed for each
score entered. A listing of course data may be seen by clicking
on Courses under the Show Data heading. The data entered for
each course is shown. Eighteen hole and nine hole Course
Handicaps are also displayed for each course as of the current
date. At least five rounds must have been entered and a handicap
update must have occurred after the fifth round in order for a
valid handicap to be established. 18 hole rounds are treated as
two 9 hole rounds by the program when calculating 9 hole

Clicking on Statistics under Show Data will display a chart
showing statistical information for all scores which were entered
hole by hole.

Selecting Handicap will produce a graph showing the history
of your nine and eighteen hole handicaps for the past year. You
won't see any data plotted, however, until the scores you enter
establish a valid handicap. Your current handicaps as of the
last update are shown at the bottom of the screen. If you click
on the List button, a list showing 9 and 18 hole handicaps at
each update will be displayed. The last line shows your handicap
as of the current day. This handicap is not in effect until the
date shown on that line.

The Edit selections allow you to update scores and course
data that you have previously entered. The Recalc selection
should not normally be needed. Handicaps are updated as scores
are entered or edited, and if configuration data is changed. If,
however, you suspect that handicap data is corrupted; a complete
recalculation of handicaps can be forced by selecting this

You should select your start date and handicap update rate
before entering data. The Player Data dialog box will
automatically appear when you enter your first score. You may,
however, change these settings by clicking on Dates or Player
Data under the Configuration heading at any time. This will
cause a complete recalculation of handicaps.

If you use and like this program, please send a $10
registration fee to the address shown below. Please include the
version number, serial number, comments, and suggestions. I will
send a registration number by return mail which will allow you to
avoid the opening reminder screen.

William G. Shipley
798 Blenheim Ct.
Severna Park, MD 21146

This program is distributed as shareware. The program is
copyright 1992 by William G. Shipley. All rights reserved.
Duplication and distribution is permitted as long as no more than
a nominal fee is charged and all files, including this doc file,
are provided.

USGA, USGA Handicap System, Handicap Index, Slope, and Course
Handicap are registered trademarks of the United States Golf
Association. Visual Basic is a registered trademark of Microsoft

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