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Windows 3.1 task killer. Displays list of all DLL's and executing programs and allows termination of them.
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Windows 3.1 task killer. Displays list of all DLL’s and executing programs and allows termination of them.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Task Killer

Task Killer is a Microsoft Windows Shareware program designed to
display all of the modules (DLL's and EXE's) currently loaded in the
system. In addition, Task Killer can:

- Terminate (or load) any module
- Decrement the usage count of DLL's
- List Virtual Device Drivers (VxD's)
- Create multiple module lists showing the state of the system at
different times
- Compare module lists in side-by-side windows
- Save module lists to files
- Print module lists
- Display module version information
- Display the size of modules in memory

Task Killer is invaluable to programmers, technical support personnel,
network administrators, and power users. DLL's which have been left in
memory can be freed and runaway programs can be terminated. You can
determine where DLL's have been loaded from, as well as sort out DLL

Task Killer requires an IBM PC or compatible running Windows 3.1.

____|__ | (R)

--| | |-------------------
| ____|__ | Association of
| | |_| Shareware
|__| o | Professionals
-----| | |---------------------
|___|___| MEMBER

Note: This program is produced by a member of the Association of Shareware
Professionals (ASP). ASP wants to make sure that the shareware principle
works for you. If you are unable to resolve a shareware-related problem
with an ASP member by contacting the member directly, ASP may be able
to help. The ASP Ombudsman can help you resolve a dispute or problem with
an ASP member, but does not provide technical support for members products.
Please write to the ASP Ombudsman at 545 Grover Road, Muskegon, MI USA
49442-9427, FAX 616-788-2765, or send a CompuServe message via CompuServe
Mail to ASP Ombudsman 70007,3536.


To install Task Killer, copy the files in the KILL15.ZIP file into the
You may now create an icon by choosing the FILE | NEW menu option from
the Windows Program Manger. Click on the OK button or press ENTER.
Complete the Program Item Properties dialog box and press ENTER.

Refer to the online help to learn how to use Task Killer.

Registration Fees

Single License $ 15
2-10 computers each: $ 12
11-30 computers each: $ 9
31-60 computers each: $ 7
more than 61 computers each: $ 5

Washington State customers, please add sales tax.

To register, send a check or money order:

Hyperion Microsystems
Box 243
Edmonds, WA 98020

Or, register with CompuServe's Software Registration Service. Simply
GO SWREG and follow the menus. Task Killer's registration ID is 1226.

You may also contact us through CompuServe #76370,3353

Release Log

Version Date Modifications
------- ---- -------------
1.0 8/18/93 Initial program.
1.1 9/23/93 Added Task List Options Dialog.
1.2 10/21/93 Added Report Options Dialog.
1.3 11/23/93 Added 'Bypass WEP Processing' option.
1.4 12/23/93 Added 'Hotkey Assignment' Dialog.
1.5 1/25/94 Added 'More Info' dialog and support for VBX's.
1.6 2/25/94 Added ability to load modules.
2.0 4/4/94 Added VxD lists.

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