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Small utility which allows quick exit from Windows without going through the usual "sign-off" steps.
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Small utility which allows quick exit from Windows without going through the usual “sign-off” steps.
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Contents of the EXITW.TXT file

ExitW (c) 1990 Dragons Eye Software
Last Updated: 06/20/90Version 1.0
Michael S. Harrison CIS 76057,101

ExitW is simply a program that allows you to shut down Windows 3.0
without the Program Manager or File Manager arguing about it.

Run ExitW from Windows and you will end up in Dos as long as all
programs are in a state where they may be closed.

ExitW causes Windows to return a DOS return-code of 1.

EXITW.TXT may be distributed freely as long as they are distributed together
in the ZIP file that I released them in. No fee may be charged for their

Revision History

Version 1.0- 06/20/90


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The Public (Software) Library

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