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Windows 3.1 OLE 2.02 upgrade (Oct. 1994).
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Windows 3.1 OLE 2.02 upgrade (Oct. 1994).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
COMPOBJ.DL_ 61376 59710 deflated
MSCOMSTF.DLL 77072 34545 deflated
MSCUISTF.DLL 70192 7138 deflated
MSDETSTF.DLL 25232 12898 deflated
MSINSSTF.DLL 67104 34177 deflated
MSSHLSTF.DLL 14400 7191 deflated
MSUILSTF.DLL 6352 3538 deflated
OLE2.DL_ 170041 164938 deflated
OLE2.RE_ 5549 5148 deflated
OLE202.INF 1209 364 deflated
OLE202.TXT 1864 833 deflated
OLE2CONV.DL_ 35579 34396 deflated
OLE2DISP.DL_ 87252 82388 deflated
OLE2NLS.DL_ 66586 61129 deflated
OLE2PROX.DL_ 24410 23477 deflated
SETUP.EXE 39920 17465 deflated
STDOLE.TL_ 2194 2101 deflated
STORAGE.DL_ 89197 85780 deflated
TYPELIB.DL_ 111855 107228 deflated
VER.DLL 9008 5272 deflated
_MSSETUP.BAT 255 100 deflated
_MSSETUP.EXE 9813 6312 deflated
_MSTEST.EXE 89504 43536 deflated

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Contents of the OLE202.TXT file

OLE 2.02 Upgrade Setup

This file contains information about OLE 2.02 Upgrade, contained in the file

1. Notes
2. Installing OLE 2.02
3. License Agreement

1. Notes

OLE 2.01 had some limitations which caused problems in large
networks and with screen palettes. OLE 2.02 fixes the
following problems:

1. Limit of 20 users on a read only file is removed.
2. 4 GB high lock on a network read (such as on DEC
Pathworks 4.x) is removed.
3. GPF during multiple palette use is fixed.

The purpose of the OLE 2.02 Upgrade Setup Program is to deliver
fixes to the above problems only to those users who specifically
need them because of network or palette problems. See the license
agreement below, which prohibits redistribution of these libraries.
This Upgrade is not intended for use by OLE 2 application
developers, who should look to the Win32 SDK as an official source
of OLE libraries. The Win32 SDK is licensed, and made available, by
several tools vendors.

2. Installing OLE 2.02

The setup program installs OLE libraries in your Windows
System directory.

Expanding OLE202.EXE
1. Create a directory called "disk" on your system.
To do this, run an MS-DOS session and type:
mkdir disk
at the DOS prompt.
2. Copy OLE202.EXE to your newly created \disk directory.
3. Change to the \disk directory, and type:
at the DOS prompt.
At this point, OLE202.EXE expands into the files for the OLE 2.02 setup

Running the OLE 2.02 Setup Program
1. Start File Manager during a Windows session.
2. Open the \disk directory.
3. Double-click on setup.exe.
At this point, the OLE 2.02 system files are installed onto your system.

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