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Xing MPEG executables with FrameDir - Windows 3.1.
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Xing MPEG executables with FrameDir – Windows 3.1.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FRAMEDIR.EXE 44096 10107 deflated
FRAMEDIR.TXT 621 326 deflated
NOTICE.TXT 1114 438 deflated
READ.TXT 289 222 deflated
VTM160.EXE 30736 9803 deflated
VTM320.EXE 30736 9797 deflated
VTMDEMO.TXT 4777 1608 deflated

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Contents of the FRAMEDIR.TXT file

Xing Utility Program for MPEG Viewer:


This utility will create a "frame directory" file from any
Xing MPEG file *.MPG

The "frame directory" contains file specific data which allows an
MPEG sequence to start and run with less initialization time.
For example, if you want a *.MPG file named ABC.MPG to run
without an initialization delay, use the command
This will create the file ABC.FDR which the VTM3230.EXE or VTM160.EXE
program will then access when running under Windows.

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