Dec 052017
MAKEOVER.ZIP gives your PC Windows a three dimensional look.
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MAKEOVER.ZIP gives your PC Windows a three dimensional look.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BTNMAKER.EXE 163088 39919 deflated
BTNMAKER.HLP 30976 13774 deflated
COMPOSIT.BMP 127414 9573 deflated
LICENSE.TXT 1254 593 deflated
M3PURPLE.BTN 6300 1206 deflated
MAKEOVER.WRI 10752 4305 deflated
NXTOS2.BTN 6300 1247 deflated
ORDER.TXT 2265 631 deflated
ORDER.WRI 3328 1043 deflated
OS2.BTN 6300 1075 deflated
OS2BF.BTN 6300 1111 deflated
OSFRAME.EXE 51632 23697 deflated
OSFRAME.HLP 43005 12775 deflated
OSFRAME.INI 9541 1251 deflated
OSFRAMER.EXE 17504 8330 deflated
README.TXT 1118 542 deflated
SPECIAL.TXT 2230 626 deflated
SPECIAL.WRI 3328 1033 deflated
SYS7.BTN 6300 2400 deflated
XBRONZE.BTN 6300 1300 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Makeover Working Model

Before running any of the enclosed software you must read the license

You also need to read it because of some preparation that must be
done to properly run the software.


MAKEOVER.WRI - Describes Makeover, how to run, how to purchase, etc.
LICENSE.TXT - Makeover Working Model License Agreement

OSFRAME.EXE - OSFrame control panel
OSFRAME.INI - OSFrame INI file, must be moved to \WINDOWS
OSFRAME.HLP - OSFrame Help/Manual
OSFRAMER.EXE - the runtime portion of OSFrame, must be moved to \WINDOWS

BTNMAKER.EXE - ButtonMaker
BTNMAKER.HLP - ButtonMaker Help/Manual
*.BTN - Sample Button Sets that ButtonMaker can Import

SPECIAL.WRI - Order form good until 10/15/92
SPECIAL.TXT - Same form in raw ASCII text

ORDER.WRI - Order form to use after 10/15/92
ORDER.TXT - Same form in raw ASCII text

COMPOSIT.BMP - A screen shot that is a composite of 4 actual screen shots
that show how much different and better Windows can look

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