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Misc utilities from Moon Valley Software for Windows 3.0, includes Grabit, Font Viewer, Memory monitor, and project manager.
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Misc utilities from Moon Valley Software for Windows 3.0, includes Grabit, Font Viewer, Memory monitor, and project manager.
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Contents of the GRABIT.DOC file

A Screen Capture and
Graphics Enhancement Program
for Microsoft Windows(tm)

Version 2.01
(c)Copyright 1990, 1991
All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Another Quality Shareware Program From:

Moon Valley Software Inc.
107 East Paradise Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85022

(602)375-9502 Voice

The Windows BBS At
(602)375-0531 12-2400
(602)375-0469 24-9600

Table Of Contents Page
----------------- ----

Introduction............................................................. 1

Using GrabIt To Enhance A Graphics Program............................... 2

GrabIt Procedures........................................................ 3

Capturing A Selected Screen Area........................................ 3

Capturing An Entire Windows Screen....................................... 3

Cleaning Up A Screen Capture............................................. 3

Copying An Image To The Clipboard........................................ 4

Loading A Bitmap From Disk............................................... 5

Pasting An Image From The Clipboard...................................... 4

Printing A Screen Or Bitmap............................................. 4

Registration Information................................................. 6

Saving A Captured Screen To Disk......................................... 4

Special Effects.......................................................... 5

Technical Support........................................................ 6

License Agreement........................................................ 7

GrabIt User's Guide Page i


Thank you for taking the time to evaluate GrabIt. You will find a great many
uses for this program. It is both a screen capture program and a marvelous
utility for working with your favorite graphics program. By using Grabit
to capture and save the images you have created, you will save many megabytes
of hard disk space since only the crucial information about your bitmap
is saved to disk. This results in very small bitmaps that load faster and are
much easier to view and store.

If you are a windows programmer and use owner draw or custom controls
GrabIt will become addictive. It will enable to use high quality bitmaps
in your program that use no more space in your programs resources than an icon!

Please keep in mind that GrabIt is being distributed as Shareware. This gives
you the oppurtunity to "try before you buy", just as a test drive in that new
car you always wanted. But just as the car dealer needs to be paid for his
efforts so do we! All we ask is that you honestly use and find this program
of value, please fill out the registration form enclosed with this program,
enclose a check and mail it. Doing so will enable us to keep refining this
and our other Windows shareware programs, besides "its the right thing to do".

GrabIt User's Guide Page 1

Using GrabIt To Enhance A Graphics Program

Using GrabIt in conjunction with the Windows graphics program of your choice
will allow you to save large amounts of disk space. In addition programmers
will find it invaluable when creating bitmaps for inclusion in their programs.

When you have create and save a bitmap with your favorite graphics program,
Paintbrush for example, you will notice that the resulting file may be more
than 300KB in size! It doesn't take very many of these bitmaps to eat up a
large quantity of hard disk space. By using GrabIt to capture only that
portion of the screen that contains your bitmap you will get a file that is
30 to 40KB in size.

By cutting and pasting images to and from the clipboard you can easily create
a drawing, capture it, create a mirror image , and then paste the mirror image
back into your graphics program to create some very unusual special effects.
The variations on this theme are limited only by your imagination. These
examples show how much more than just s screen capture tool GrabIt really is.

GrabIt User's Guide Page 2

GrabIt Procedures

Capturing An Entire Windows Screen
To capture an entire Windows screen follow these steps:
1.) Minimize Grabit by pressing the minimize button on the title bar.
2.) Press the Print Screen Button on your keyboard. This key is located at the
top of your keyboard, next to the scroll lock key.
3.) Restore Grabit and Press the SHIFT + P Keys to paste the image from the
clipboard into GrabIt's client area. You can now Save The Image To Disk,
save Print The Image,or Edit and Clean Up The Captured Image.

Capturing A Screen Area
To capture a portion of the screen follow the steps outlined below:
1.) Click on the Mark menu selection or press Alt M.
2.) The GrabIt window will disappear and the cursor will change into a
3). Move the cursor to the UPPER LEFT HAND CORNER of the screen you wish to
4.) Press and hold down the LEFT mouse button.
5.) As you move the mouse you will see that the area you are marking will be
changed to inverse video.
6.) When you have marked the area you wish to capture release the mouse button.
7.) The Image will now be displayed in the GrabIt Client Window.
The image attributes in pixel size will be displayed in the title bar . In
addition it will show you whether it is an 8 plane 256 color, 4 plane 16
color, or a 2 plane Monochrome bitmap.

You have successfully captured your screen. See Saving An Image Disk,
Cleaning Up A Captured Image, or Special Effects for additional information on
capturing an area of the screen.

Cleaning Up A Screen Capture
GrabIt allows you to re-cut an image that is in its client area. This is very
useful if for example your original capture included an area you didn't intend
to capture. To clean up and or edit a capture follow the steps below.

1.) Move the arrow cursor to the Upper Right Hand point where you wish to begin
your edit.
2.) Press and hold down the left mouse button.
3.) The area you are marking will appear in inverse video.
4.) When finished with your edit, release the mouse button and your new image
will be displayed in Grabit's client area. In addition a copy of the image
will also be copied to the clipboard. You can also perform any of the
Special Effects noted in that section on your edits as well.

GrabIt User's Guide Page 3

Saving A Captured Image To Disk
Once you are satisfied with the image that has been captured you can save it
to disk by selecting Save from the File menu, or press CTRL + S.

A dialog box will be displayed prompting you for the file name you want to use.
Optionally you can enter a drive and path name in addition to the file name if
you so desire. You can use the directory list box to change to the directory
into which you wish to save the file instead of entering it manually.

Copying An Image To The Clipboard
When you capture a screen, a copy of the image is automatically copied to the
clipboard. If you want to use this image in another graphics program, or
insert it into a document such as a Pagemaker publication you can do so by
simply switching to, or starting your application, and then pressing the

To copy the image that is currently in GrabIt's client area to the clipboard,
you can choose clipboard from the menu, and select Copy. Or press the SHIFT + C
keys to copy the image. You can also load a bitmap from disk and then press
SHIFT + C to copy it to the clipboard.

Pasting An Image From The Clipboard
To Paste an image from the clipboard into GrabIt's client area you can choose
clipboard from the menu, and select Paste. Or press the SHIFT + P keys to
paste the image. You can then Save The Bitmap to disk, or Print The Screen
Or Bitmap.

Printing A Screen Or Bitmap
Laser Printers
With Grabit you can print a screen or portion of a screen immediately after
you have captured it. In addition you can load from disk and print any Windows
bitmap. GrabIt will render to shades of gray all of the colors it can to give
you an accurate representation of your captured screen. This grey scale
dithering applies to Postscript and PCL printers.

Image Scaling
GrabIt will size the image currently in its client area to the size of the
current page defined in your printer setup. This means that very small bitmaps
will be enlarged to 8 1/2 x 11" if that is the current page definition.
This is done so that on full screen captures and images loaded from disk you
will get a 1:1 aspect ratio printout. If you wish to print images in a smaller
format, simply change your printer setup to reflect a smaller page size.

GrabIt User's Guide Page 4

Dot Matrix Printers
GrabIt does not support Dot Matrix printers,due to ditherings poor performance
on Dot Matrix Printers. If you wish to print a screen on your Dot Matrix
printer follow the directions below:
1.) After you have captured a screen with GrabIt, a copy of the image has
also been copied to the clipboard.
2.) Start your favorite graphics program or Paint Brush, and then press
SHIFT + INSERT to copy your image into the program. You can now print the
image you just captured on your Dot Matrix printer provided that your
graphics program supports the printer you have installed.

Loading A Bitmap From Disk
To load a bitmap from disk select File from the main menu and choose Open, or
press CTRL + O. You can select a bitmap from the listbox, enter the drive and
path to the bitmap you wish to load, or use the directory listbox to change to
the directory where your bitmap is located and then select it from the listbox.
To open the bitmap either select it from the listbox and click on Ok or press
Enter. Alternately you can just double click on it to load the image.

Special Effects
GrabIt enables you to create special effects screen cuts that may be used in
conjunction with your graphics program or saved as is.

Creating A Mirror Image
1.) Click on the Mark menu selection or press Alt M.
2.) The GrabIt window will disappear and the cursor will change into a
3). Move the cursor to the UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER of the screen area you wish
to capture.
4.) Press and hold down the LEFT mouse button.
5.) As you move the mouse you will see that the area you are marking will be
changed to inverse video.
6.) When you have marked the area you wish to capture release the mouse button.
7.) A mirror image of your capture will now be displayed in the GrabIt
Client Window.

Creating An Inverted Image
1.) Follow the steps outlined above, except begin your mark in the LOWER LEFT

Creating An Inverted Mirror Image
1.) Follow the steps outlined above, except begin your mark in the LOWER

You may want to refer to Capturing A Screen Area for additional details.

GrabIt User's Guide Page 5

Registration Information
To register you copy of Grabit, please use the file called REGISTER.FRM that
is supplied with the program.

If you wish, you can phone in your order using your Visa or Master Card Monday
- Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm MST. The order phone number is 602-375-9502
The registration fee is $29.95

Any correspondence should be addressed to:
Moon Valley Software Inc.
107 East Paradise Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85022 USA

Technical Support
We will provide technical support to un-registered users on their first
phone call only if you are calling with the intention of registering your
copy of the program once your questions have been answered.

Please call us at 602-375-9502 Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Mountain Standard Time. Arizona does not go on daylight savings time.
(Who wants it to stay light later when its 110 degrees outside!)

You can also call our BBS at 602-375-0531 12, 2400, and 9600 baud, N81 and
leave us a message in the Moon Valley Shareware Forum. There is lots of other
good Windows shareware on the BBS so feel free to browse around while your

GrabIt User's Guide Page 6

GrabIt License Agreement
License Agreement
No part of this manual may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed,
stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language
(natural or binary), in any form or by any means, except as described in
the following license agreement or without the express prior written consent
of Moon Valley Software Inc.

The use of GrabIt is subject to the following terms and

Title To The Licensed Software
Title to the licensed software is NOT transferred to the end user.
The end user is granted an exclusive license to use the software
on a SINGLE computer or computer work station. EACH computer or computer
work station must have its own licensed copy of the software.

Copyright Protection
GrabIt is copyrighted material. It is protected by the copyright laws
of the United States, the State of Arizona, and other proprietary rights
of Moon Valley Software Inc. You may not make any changes or modifications
to GrabIt or this manual. You may not decompile, disassemble, or
otherwise reverse-engineer the software in any way.

You may make copies of GrabIt only under the terms of the section
entitled "Limited License To Copy The Licensed Software".

You may use GrabIt on a trial basis provided you do not violate the
protection afforded the licensed software by the copyright laws, and you
agree to the terms of the license agreement. If you use GrabIt on a
regular basis you are obligated to purchase it.

Limited Warranty
Moon Valley Software does not warrant that the licensed software will
meet your requirements or that the operation of the software will be
uninterrupted or error free. The warranty does not cover any media or
documentation which has been subjected to damage or abuse by you or others.
The software warranty does not cover any copy of the licensed software
which has been altered or changed in any way.

WARRANTIES. Some States do not allow limitations on how long an implied
warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you.

GrabIt User's Guide Page 7

Other Warranties
The warranties set forth above are in lieu of any and all other express or
implied warranties, whether oral, written, or implied, and the remedies set
forth above are the sole and exclusive remedies.

Limitation Of Liability
Moon Valley Software is not responsible for any problems or damage
caused by the licensed software that may result from using the licensed
software. This includes, but is not limited to, computer hardware,
computer software, operating systems, and any computer or computing
accessories. End user agrees to hold Moon Valley Software Inc.
harmless for any problems arising from the use of the software.
SUCH DAMAGES. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of
incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or
exclusion may not apply to you.
In no case shall Moon Valley Software's liability exceed the license fees
paid for the right to use the licensed software, or a sum no greater than
one Dollar ($1.00), whichever is less.

Limited License To Copy The Software
You are granted a limited license to copy GrabIt ONLY FOR THE TRIAL
USE OF OTHERS subject to the terms of this software license agreement
described herein, and the conditions described below are met:
GrabIt MUST be copied in an unmodified form and ZM301.ZIP MUST contain
the following files:
GRABIT.EXE ----------> The Windows Executable Program.
GRABIT.DOC ----------> The program documentation
GRABIT.HLP ----------> The Windows Help File
REGISTER.FRM ----------> The shareware registration form.(Please!)
README.1ST ----------> Important information not in the documentation.

-> No fee, charge or other compensation may be accepted or requested by
anyone without the express written permission of Moon Valley Software.

Public Domain Disk Vendors May NOT CHARGE a fee for GrabIt
itself. However you may include GrabIt on a diskette for
which you charge a nominal distribution fee. The purchaser of said
diskette must be informed in advance that the fee paid to acquire the
diskette does NOT relieve said purchaser from paying the Registration
Fee for GrabIt if said purchaser uses GrabIt.

-> Operators of electronic bulletin board systems (Sysops) may post
GrabIt for downloading by their users without written permission
DOWNLOADING GrabIt files without first obtaining express
written permission from Moon Valley Software to charge such a fee.

The above constitutes the license agreement for GrabIt. It superceeds
any and all previous license agreements.

GrabIt User's Guide Page 8

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