Dec 142017
Update for XTREE Pro for Windows. Corrects several bugs, including problems with some video formats.
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Update for XTREE Pro for Windows. Corrects several bugs, including problems with some video formats.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILELIST.TXT 4450 1300 deflated
WHYASK.WHY 2012 446 deflated
XTGOLD.COM 954 689 deflated
XTGOLD.TXT 477 274 deflated
XTG_VIEW.TXT 114 101 deflated
XTG_VIEW.XTP 48302 27859 deflated

Download File XTUPDATE.ZIP Here

Contents of the FILELIST.TXT file

This is a list of files and what their function is in XTree Gold 2.5

Filename Description
------------ -------------------------------------------

XTGOLD.COM The XTreeGold program and loader
XTG.EXE The auxiliary program file

XTG_CFG.EXE XTreeGold configuration program and overlay

XTG_HELP.XTP Help overlay
XTG_HELP.X?0 Help text files

XTG_EDIT.XTP 1Word text editor overlay
XTG_FIND.XTP Search file overlay (CTRL+S)
XTG_FORM.XTP Format diskette overlay (ALT+F2)
XTG_HEXX.XTP View Hex editor overlay
XTG_MENU.XTP Application Menu overlay (F9)
XTG_MOVE.XTP Graft overlay (ALT+G)
XTG_OOPS.XTP Undelete overlay
XTG_VIEW.XTP View file overlay
XTG_V_TO.XTP Word processor conversion utility (for all formats)
XTG_WASH.XTP Wash disk overlay (ALT+W)
XTG_WBAT.XTP Write batch file overlay (CTRL+B)

XTG_AZIP.XTP Archive Manager files

XTGOLD.PIF Files for running XTreeGold in Windows 3

BAT.BAT Association (Open) batch file for .BAT files
COM.BAT Association (Open) batch file for .COM files
EXE.BAT Association (Open) batch file for .EXE files

ARC2ZIP.EXE Converts ARC to ZIP - External use
PKUNZIP.EXE PKWARE's unzip program

CGA.DRV CGA Graphics driver
EGA.DRV EGA Graphics driver
VGA.DRV VGA Graphics driver
HERC.DRV Hercules Graphics driver
MCGA.DRV MCGA Graphics driver

XTGOLD.CFG Configuration File
XTGOLD.HST History File
XTGOLD.TOG History file for toggle switches
XTG_GDRV.XTP Graphic overlay used for all graphics
XTG_GBMP.XTP Viewer overlay for Windows Bitmap files
XTG_GDWG.XTP Viewer overlay for Autocad drawing files
XTG_GGIF.XTP Viewer overlay for CompuServe Graphics Format files
XTG_GIMG.XTP Viewer overlay for GEM, Ventura files
XTG_GLBM.XTP Viewer overlay for Deluxe Paint, Amiga .LBM .IFF files
XTG_GMAC.XTP Viewer overlay for MacPaint I,II files
XTG_GMSP.XTP Viewer overlay for Windows 3.0 .MSP files
XTG_GPCX.XTP Viewer overlay for Z-Soft's PC Paintbrush files
XTG_GPIC.XTP Viewer overlay for Pictor, PC Paint files
XTG_GTIF.XTP Viewer overlay for Tagged Image File Format files
XTG_GWPG.XTP Viewer overlay for WordPerfect Bitmap Graphics
XTG_VDBF.XTP Viewer overlay for dBASE III, IV - Paradox files
XTG_VFFT.XTP Viewer overlay for DCA/FFT files
XTG_VFRM.XTP Viewer overlay for Framework III (wp) 1.0, 1.1
XTG_VIBM.XTP Viewer overlay for IBM Writing Assistant 1.0
XTG_VMSR.XTP Viewer overlay for Microsoft Rich Text Format
XTG_VOFF.XTP Viewer overlay for OfficeWriter 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 6.1
XTG_VPFS.XTP Viewer overlay for Professional Write 1.0, 2.0, 2.1
XTG_VRAP.XTP Viewer overlay for RapidFile (Memo) 1.0, 1.2
XTG_VSAM.XTP Viewer overlay for Samna Word IV/HP AdvanceWrite +
XTG_VVK2.XTP Viewer overlay for Volkswriter Deluxe 2.2
XTG_VVK3.XTP Viewer overlay for Volkswriter 3, 4/Total Word
XTG_VWKS.XTP Viewer overlay for Lotus/Quattro/Excel
XTG_VWNG.XTP Viewer overlay for Wang PC Version 3
XTG_VWP4.XTP Viewer overlay for WordPerfect 4.1, 4.2
XTG_VWP5.XTP Viewer overlay for WordPerfect 5.0, 5.1
XTG_VWS2.XTP Viewer overlay for Wordstar 2000
XTG_V_DC.XTP Viewer overlay for DCA/RFT files
XTG_V_EN.XTP Viewer overlay for Enable (wp) 1.0, 2.0, 2.15
XTG_V_LM.XTP Viewer overlay for Lotus Manuscript 2.0, 2.1
XTG_V_MM.XTP Viewer overlay for MiltiMate 3.3, 4 Advantage I, II
XTG_V_MW.XTP Viewer overlay for Microsoft Write 3.0
XTG_V_QA.XTP Viewer overlay for Q & A (wp) 3.0
XTG_V_WS.XTP Viewer overlay for Wordstar 3.3 - 6.0
XTG_V_XY.XTP Viewer overlay for XyWrite III, III Plus

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