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Windows 3.x program that will help you create your legal will.
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Windows 3.x program that will help you create your legal will.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Windows Wills

(This file was created by Windows Notepad, for best viewing turn WordWrap ON)

Welcome to Windows Wills. This is a Microsoft Windows based Will creation program.

Windows Wills creates a simple will. It is not for everyone, nor is it intended to replace the advice of an attorney. Windows Wills creates the type of will used by most people, that is a will which leaves all property to a spouse, if living, else to the surviving Children. It takes into account persons who have children but who are not married. It will allow for appointment of a guardian for minor children.

The .zip file in which this program is distributed must contain the following files:

winwill.exe - the program file
vbrun100.dll - the vb run file (not included in all .zip files, but required to run Windows Wills)
license.txt - the license agreement
readme.txt - this file

To use Windows Wills, simple copy the winwill.exe file to your hard disk (or run from a floppy). VBRUN100.DLL must be in your Windows directory or in the directory containing winwill.exe. The program may be run in any way that any Windows program is run. An icon is provided in case you wish to add Windows Wills to a program manager group.

Windows Wills will ask a series of questions. Each question asked must be answered. The answers to the Gender questions and the Marital Status questions must be either "Male", "Female", "Married", "Single" or "Divorced." Notice that each word starts with a capital letter.

After answering these questions, you may chose to print or exit the program. Exiting the program results in the loss of any information which you have provided. (There are not sufficient questions to require saving of the info) Should you decide to print, the program will ask you to verify that there is paper in the printer. Chosing OK prints.

Windows Wills is shareware. This permits you to try it before you buy it. If you decide to keep it, a registration fee of $15.00 is required. Payment of this fee will entitle the user to support from the author via postal mail or via E-mail as detailed below. I will also send a copy of the latest version on a disk, including any changes made to version one.

Should you desire not to register the program, please remove it from your system before the 21 day trial period and do not sign any will that you may have created (see the license.txt file that came with the program) has expired. Since I don't like nag screens, I haven't included any.

To register, send $15.00 to:

Tim Hatton
10 N. Limestone Street
Jamestown, Ohio 45335-1504

For support questions contact the author by mail or by E-Mail:

Compuserve 70742,1405

Windows Wills is 1992 by Tim Hatton, all rights reserved. Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark and is copyright by Microsoft, Inc.

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