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Windows 3.1 printer driver for the Star NX2420 Rainbow.
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Windows 3.1 printer driver for the Star NX2420 Rainbow.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

revsion rll03224450-1991

1).After booting Windows, open the MAIN folder and select the Control
Panel icon.

2).Select the PRINTERS icon.

3).Select ADD PRINTERS>>.

4).Scroll to the bottom of the list and select UNLISTED PRINTER.

5).At the prompt choose the disk drive that contains the driver diskette
and select either the STARM24.DRV, STARM9.DRV or STARLS.DRV (depending
on the model printer you have).

6).After all of the files have been copied, highlight the STAR MICRONICS
driver you wish to install - under INSTALLED PRINTERS - and select

7).Under the PORTS menu choose the port that the printer is connected to.

8).Next choose SETUP.

9).Click on MODEL - select the printer that you are using from the list -
click OK.

10).Next change the settings for PAPER SIZE, PRINTER QUALITY, PAPER SOURCE,
TEXT QUALITY and ORIENTATION to match your setup and click OK.

11).At the PRINTERS CONFIGURE screen - click OK.

12).Click ACTIVE under the STATUS box and click OK.

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