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The SurfSoft Launcher is an excellent Windows launcher, with animation, and sound. Very lean, neat, easy to use, saves on Windows real estate.
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The SurfSoft Launcher is an excellent Windows launcher, with animation, and sound. Very lean, neat, easy to use, saves on Windows real estate.
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Contents of the README.WRI file

! Surf Soft's "Launch Command"

Installation: (This is all very easy, so don't be frightened...)

1. Copy all the files that came with this one into your Windows directory. This should be "LAUNMAIN.EXE","DOSPRMPT.PIF", "CTL3D.DLL" and "LAUNCOMM.EXE". If you took the optional sound add on, just copy all the .WAV files from that .ZIP to your Windows directory also.

2. Edit your SYSTEM.INI file. You can do this by running "SYSEDIT" or any other ASCII editor, but SYSEDIT is the easiest. Change the line that reads:


to this:


(and make sure you save it...)

3. Exit Windows and restart.

Thats all there is too it !! Simple huh? Then all you have to do, is press the little file manager icon, and press one of the buttons for a toolbar, and drag files from file manager and drop them on the toolbar. They will appear automatically, and thats it!! Keep doing that, and soon youll have a bunch of excellent customized toolbars!! Launch Command even remembers their positions from when you closed them last!! The 'run' button is for running programs with command line parameters. Just add them in the second edit box.

If you have a sound blaster or compatible sound card, you can hear the
Launch Command's sounds. All you have to do is download the optional sound disk and copy all the .WAV files into your WINDOWS directory. This will make each toolbar play its own .WAV when it comes up. You can put in whatever you want for these sounds, just by acquiring a .WAV file you want, and save it in the WINDOWS directory with the forst two letters "ZZ" and then the next four letters of the group you want it play for, then the .WAV extension. For example, if you had a .WAV and you wanted it to play when the "GAMES" toolbar was called up, you simply save the .WAV in the WINDOWS directory as "ZZGAME.WAV"...
The ones I recorded for the program were done in 8 bit (purely for compatibility, Im a 16 bit buff myself) at 44mhz. on a SB16.

If you have any comments, problems, or suggestions, either call the SurfSoft BBS:
The Beach BBS ****Edison, NJ*****
(908) 321 - 1518

and leave a message to the sysop, Lodie Sands, even if you just wanna say hi, and check out the board !!!


Send me some mail at internet address:
[email protected]

hope you like the Launch Command, and party up!!!!

Launch Command was a pain in the ass to write, so if you use it for more than a week, you owe me 10 bucks, ok ? Sorry it's not free, so support shareware, my
fellow computoids, and we will continue to pump out anything you might request.
Drop me a message about any suggestions you may have about a guitar teaching
application (not a lame one done in Visual Basic... ) that I'm going to start working on soon, I'd like some input before I start.

Send all FUNDAGE to the

"Save the starving guitarist / psuedo-programmer" fund at

The Beach BBS
P.O. Box 1626
Woodbridge, NJ 07095

See ya!!!!!!!!w
u` && `k6` @kL`EE0r`R`r`\`Z`R`&&p`r`7`&W&,#%GIoqtQ"




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