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Full featured Windows communication program.

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* WinRamp 1.11 for Windows *
* Your Personal Access to the *
* Data Super-Highway *
- Commercial-quality comms pack
- RIPScrip 1.54 Emulation
- VT52-220 Emulations
- Compilable Scripts & IDE
- Multiple font sizes & char sets
- Customizable Toolbars
- Multiple terminal windows open
- Registration $35.00

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Full featured Windows communication program.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BC40RTL.$00 93358 93237 deflated
BOLD.CHR 14670 8060 deflated
DFLT.CHR 5809 1735 deflated
EURO.CHR 8439 5081 deflated
EXTRACT.EXE 24720 14863 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 372 231 deflated
GOTH.CHR 18063 9051 deflated
HOSTMODE.WRS 8716 1934 deflated
INSTALL.BIN 53061 53027 deflated
INSTALL.EXE 14080 7538 deflated
INSTALL.INF 1120 1120 stored
INSTALL.LOG 928 314 deflated
INSTALL.TXT 3252 1387 deflated
LCOM.CHR 12083 6003 deflated
LITT.CHR 5131 2119 deflated
OWL100.$00 58083 57992 deflated
PACKING.LST 2517 895 deflated
README.1ST 4581 1995 deflated
REGISTER.$00 4160 4160 stored
REGISTER.$01 15483 15483 stored
REVISION.111 10616 3976 deflated
RIPICONS.EXE 142382 126472 deflated
SANS.CHR 13596 6530 deflated
SCRI.CHR 10987 5492 deflated
SCRIPT.$00 40807 40459 deflated
SIMP.CHR 8437 4329 deflated
TCLASS40.$00 46381 46128 deflated
TERMINAL.$00 91981 91856 deflated
TRANSFER.$00 61741 61673 deflated
TRIP.CHR 16677 8006 deflated
TSCR.CHR 17355 8551 deflated
UPGRADE.DLL 37376 16878 deflated
VCC2.$00 52547 52466 deflated
VENDDAT.WRB 10425 1792 deflated
VERSION1.2!! 1954 943 deflated
WINRAMP.$00 310676 305995 deflated
WINRAMP.$01 84688 84011 deflated
WINRAMP.$02 143958 142608 deflated
WINRAMP.BMP 8006 681 deflated
WINRAMP.FON 114336 24393 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

* WinRamp 1.11 for Windows *
* Your Personal Access to the *
* Data Super-Highway *
- Commercial-quality comms pack
- RIPScrip 1.54 Emulation
- VT52-220 Emulations
- Compilable Scripts & IDE
- Multiple font sizes & char sets
- Customizable Toolbars
- Multiple terminal windows open
- Registration $35.00
WinRamp Lite 1.11
* Your Personal Access to the Data Super-Highway *

This README.1ST file contains important information that will make
your installation so much easier if you read it (Really!). Do youself
a big favour .. go ahead, read it and make YOUR day!

First off, the folks at Vironix NA would like to thank you for taking
the time to download WinRamp Lite! We sure you will find the
application a worthwhile addition to your software collection.

ONLY follow the instructions in THIS section if you already have
Version 1.1, otherwise you MUST do the full installation procedure.

The ONLY change from WinRamp Lite Version 1.1 to this Version 1.11 is
a completely new WINRAMP.FON file. There is therefore NO NEED to go
through the entire installation procedure if you already have Version
1.1 successfully installed.

In this distribution the WINRAMP.FON has not been archived. Thus all
you will need to do is manually remove the existing Version 1.1
WINRAMP.FON by means of the Font Manager in the Control Panel
(usually found in the Main Group), and then install this new

The difference between the two is obvious in the size of the Version
1.1 font file is 192,016 bytes, and the NEW Version 1.11 font file is
now 114,336 bytes.

If you have been running a previous version of WinRamp Lite (i.e.
version 1.00b or version 1.01) just prior to installing this new
version, AND you have not closed down Windows since running the old
version, it is highly likely that the WINRAMP.FON file is still in
memory and may be locked.

As the WINRAMP.FON must be upgraded to successfully use the VT
emulations, it is recommeneded that you first restart Windows. This
will release the font file and allow the installation procedure to
automatically upgrade to the new updated font file.

The original distribution archives (either RMP111.ZIP or
WRAMP111.ZIP) were compressed with PkWare's PKZIP Authentification
Verification feature. If you obtained an archive without the -AV, it
is possible that some installation files could be missing. Should
your installation fail, please obtain the orginal archive. This can
be found on Compuserve in the WINSHARE AND IBMCOM forums and The
WinRamp Support BBS at 1-508-373-3336.

We *highly* recommend that you run the INSTALL.EXE program to assist
with the installation. The install program will take care of all the
details such as registering the WINRAMP font file with Font Manager.

Most of the files within the RMP111.ZIP or WRAMP111.ZIP archive are
compressed to save space on your drive after installation. You can
delete these files after installation, however if you do this, we
recommend you keep the original distribution archive. The EXTRACT.EXE
utility included with the original distribution archive can be used
to decompress any distribution file when required.

IF you choose NOT to use the Installation program (we do NOT
recommend this), remember to register the file WINRAMP.FON with the
Font Manager (in Control Panel). Winramp's terminal emulations will
be severely limited if this is not done.

If the Installation fails for some reason, please be sure to check
the text file PACKING.LST to make sure that you have all the files
neccessary to run WinRamp Lite. PACKING.LST includes the addresses to
online locations where you can be sure to obtain the orginal WinRamp
Lite archive.

If you will be accessing Online Systems that support the graphical
emulation standard RIPScrip 1.x, and you do NOT yet have any RIP
Icon files on your hard-drive, you MUST run the self-extracting
archive file RIPICONS.EXE into the following directory:


If you already have a collection of RIP Icons files from a different
application, you may wish to rather set up the WinRamp Lite RIP
Terminal emulation to "point" to these existing icons.

All changes and revisions have been recorded within the Online Help
file, and within the REVISION.111 text file.

Thanks once again for trying Winramp Lite!

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