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Convert GIF graphic files into Windows 3.0 icons. Must be 32x32.
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Convert GIF graphic files into Windows 3.0 icons. Must be 32×32.
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Contents of the GIF2ICON.DOC file


Gif2Icon.exe is a simple utility to convert a GIF picture to a
Windows 3.0 icon. Windows 3.0 icons are 32 x 32 x 16 colors,
therefore the Gif should be the same. I have included a Gif this
size with the correct palette for Windows.

This package should contain the four following files...


If you find this program useful, then please send a contribution.

Pat Klepper
60 Luster Drive
Batesville, Arkansas 72501

To create your very own icon proceed as follows:

Load PALETTE.GIF into your favorite paint program.
I use PICTOR because it supports Gifs directly, but
there is no reason PALETTE.GIF can't be converted to
PCX for editing, and the back to a Gif for use with
Gif2Icon. (PICEM is real handy for these conversions).

At the Dos prompt type Gif2Icon name. Name should be the
name of your icon with no extension, ".GIF" is assumed.

Your Gif will be converted to an icon called "name.ICO",
where name is the same as the Gif name.

Run Windows.

In the Program Manager, click on program icon you wish to
change one time.

Select File

Select Properties...

Select Change Icon and key in the drive\path\name.ico of
your icon.

Dat's all!

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