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Cookbook database for Windows 3.X.
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Cookbook database for Windows 3.X.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
COOK.DAT 6829 2985 deflated
COOK.DEX 232 163 deflated
COOK.EXE 94624 32739 deflated
COOK.INI 90 52 deflated
COOK.PCX 54494 12029 deflated
COOK.WRI 16384 6432 deflated
GBALL.PCX 1129 829 deflated
GRAPHIC.VBX 28536 9230 deflated
LOADING.PCX 17259 5265 deflated
ORDER.WRI 2432 922 deflated
PBALL.PCX 1140 841 deflated
README.1ST 809 481 deflated
SETUP.EXE 13888 7661 deflated
SETUP.LST 12 12 stored
SETUP1.EXE 36034 14406 deflated
SETUPKIT.DL_ 7008 2834 deflated
THREED.VBX 55248 20626 deflated
VER.DLL 8736 5112 deflated

Download File WINCOOK.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.1ST file

1. Put the COOK.ZIP file into an empty temporary directory on your hard drive.

2. Unzip it.

3. Cook requires VBRUN100.DLL, the Windows Visual Basic Library. Any Visual
Basic program requires this library be present in your PATH
(put it in your Windows directory).

If you don't have it, you can download it from CSERVE, EXEC PC, and most
bulletin boards which have Windows programs. It is generally found under the
name VBRUN100.ZIP. (GO MSLANG in CSERVE, or type F E L L from the top menu of

4. When you have VBRUN100.DLL, then from within Windows, use
the Program Manager or File Manager to RUN SETUP.EXE where you have put the
unzipped COOK files. All else is self-explanitory -- the setup program
will guide you through the installation of COOK! It takes only a few seconds.

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