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WinAPPS v2 - lists .DLLs in use at any given time, "good for support technicians".
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WinAPPS v2 – lists .DLLs in use at any given time, “good for support technicians”.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

WINAPPS New Release (I suppose Version 2 !)

This is a useful program for support technicians, since it lists what DLL's, Drivers, EXE's, and fonts are loaded - The full path name to the actual file is also included - usfult if you're trying to figure out which one of those DLL's you're actually using.

This release adds the following :

1. The ability to save the information to a .TXT file
2. The File Open option lets you open an EXE or DLL and view the version information that is stored in the EXE (if any - not all EXE/DLL's have this info, but most of the applets in Windows do.
3. Double clicking on any of the listed EXE/DLL's will display the version information embedded in the EXE/DLL

Points to note about the display :

The columns in the displayed list detail the following information:
Uses- Number of instances that that files is being used
Date/Time- The Date and Time of the physical file on disk
Size- The size of the file on disk
FileName- Full path name to the file containing the code/data

This software is copyrighted by Workgroup Systems, South Africa and cannot be sold to/by anyone. It is placed into the public domain for all those techies who've ever needed to find out the information this app tells you.

The idea was mine, the coding done by my good friend Ramesh and we've decided to dedicate this program to all Windows support techies !

Ferdi Ladeira
Workgroup Systems
South Africa

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