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Outstanding Windows shell/enhancement. Provides drag & drop all over desktop, an almost OS/2-like interface. Many utils, resource alarm, etc.
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Outstanding Windows shell/enhancement. Provides drag & drop all over desktop, an almost OS/2-like interface. Many utils, resource alarm, etc.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Microworks Toolbox v1.2.
Open Desktop for Windows.
Copyright (c) 1992-93,
Jeff Franks, (Microworks),
Sydney, Australia.
Compuserve 100026,1134.
Release date: March 29, 1993.

Welcome to Toolbox version 1.2. I'm very excited about this
release because it's the best version yet. It's a whole new program,
rewritten from the ground up. This version is so different it's
more like an OS/2 desktop for Windows than a Windows desktop. Gone
is the cumbersome old Workbench, Drivepak and Toolbox. They've been
replaced by a slick new drag and drop icon-based interface that lets
you drop files anywhere on the desktop. The new Drivepak lets you
display as many desktop drive icons as you want and comes with an
easy to use 'ini file setup' utility. The new Toolbox supports
unlimited subgroups, icon selection from any file and drag and drop.
to the desktop.

The whole concept behind Toolbox is one of enhancement not
replacement. You still need to use File Manager and I suggest you
continue to use Program Manager. Of course if you want to you can use
Toolbox to replace Program Manager entirely.

There is some bad news for those who currently use Toolbox.
Your ini files are not compatible with this version and you can't
convert them. I'm sorry about that but it was unavoidable. I'm sure
you'll understand once you start using version 1.2. Also during the
installation make sure you install all the data files from
You'll need them.

Installing version 1.2 is easy. It comes with its own
install utility. Just follow the instructions below an away you go!


Step 1. Copy Bwcc.dll into your Windows system directory (if its
not already there). Install wont run without it.This is the
latest file from Borland so check the date on yours and if
it's earlier use this one!

Step 2. Unzip TOOLBOX.ZIP into a Temporary directory or floppy

Step 3. Unzip one of the files, or
(eg for 640 by 480 (VGA) unzip into the same
directory as in step 2.

Step 4. Run Install from the same directory as the program
files and follow its instructions.

Install will only take a few minutes of your time and it will back up any file
it needs to change to a 'bak' file. If you find you don't like your new Toolbox just
run Uninstall.

Lastly, as you work your way through this new version spare
a thought for its workmanship and consider registering your copy of
the program.

I hope you like this Toolbox version 1.2....Jeff.

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